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Market Intelligence
Market Intelligence Articles Grouped by Country and Industry.

Market Intelligence

International market research is key to successful export planning. Our trade professionals in more than 70 international offices help keep you informed about opportunities in key markets through our Market Intelligence program.  We use years of experience and connections to continuously produce reliable reports and data on markets, agreements, and industries.

List of Countries by Region

Europe Asia  Western Hemisphere Africa & Middle East Australia & Oceania
Austria Burma (Mayanmar) Argentina Algeria Australia
Belgium China Brazil Angola  Fiji
Bulgaria Hong Kong Canada Ethiopia New Zealand
Croatia India Chile Egypt Papua New Guinea
Czech Republic Indonesia Colombia Ghana  
Denmark Japan Costa Rica Israel  
Finland Malaysia Dominican Republic Kenya  
France Philippines El Salvador Kuwait  
Germany Singapore Guatemala Mozambique  
Greece South Korea Honduras Nigeria  
Hungary Taiwan Mexico Oman  
Ireland Thailand Panama Qatar  
Italy Vietnam Peru Saudi Arabia  
Kazakhstan   Uruguay South Africa  
Netherlands     Tanzania  
Norway     Uganda  
Poland     United Arab Emirates  
Portugal     West Bank and Gaza  
United Kingdom        

- Other Countries not found above


List by Industry

Aerospace and Defense Information and Communications Technology
Automotive and Smart Mobility Marine Technology
Advanced Manufacturing Media and Entertainment
Design and Construction Professional and Business Services 
Education and Training Services Safety and Security
Energy Industries Supply Chain Services
Environmental Technologies Textile, Apparel & Sporting Goods
Financial Services Travel and Tourism
Healthcare and Health Tech