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Welcome to the Rural Export Center!
Start your export journey with customized research and training through the Rural Export Center.

Rural Export Center

How the Rural Export Center Can Help You

As a rural company, you’ve worked hard to establish your business. Whether you’re a newcomer to exporting or a seasoned expert, our step-by-step process is designed to efficiently grow your export operations. How can we help?

  • Customized Market Research: With our customized international market research, you will be empowered to identify new opportunities and avoid potential pitfalls, identifying the best markets and specific buyers to facilitate profitable overseas partnerships.
  • Due Diligence: As you respond to international inquiries, you will benefit from our due diligence service that helps determine the legitimacy of a potential partner. 
  • Website Globalization: You can even grow your global reach when you’re not working by taking advantage of our website globalization review to ensure that your website is positioned to acquire international customers. 
  • Export Education: In addition to research services, we offer a series of virtual seminars on Website Globalization, Market Research Skills, Due Diligence Tips, and Export Management Companies.

These value-driven services augment the existing worldwide network of Commercial Service offices with experts located in more than 70 countries.

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About the Rural Export Centers

Our mission is to empower rural U.S. companies to thrive in international markets through actionable market intelligence and global connections. Our National REC, located in Fargo, North Dakota, specializes in conducting customized market research designed to guide rural U.S. companies toward the most opportune exporting markets.  

Additionally, we have eight regional RECs that conduct rural outreach in their respective territories to ensure that we are reaching rural companies and educating them on the services and solutions of the Rural Export Center and the Commercial Service to help increase exports from rural America.
If you are interested in the market research and other services of the REC, please contact us at rural@trade.gov. For the full range of U.S. Commercial Service services, please contact your local U.S. Commercial Service Office


Rural Export Center Services

RAISE Research

RAISE is Rural America’s Intelligence Service for Exporters. It provides rural U.S. companies with one-on-one market intelligence from a team who identifies customized industry-specific insights and contacts. Being informed before you go helps build confidence and knowledge, making your market entry more efficient.

EMC Directory

The Export Management Company (EMC) Directory provides a listing of vetted and experienced U.S. export management companies ready to help your business export more. EMCs can boost international business opportunities while you focus on running the U.S. market. Contact the REC (rural@trade.gov) to learn how EMCs can help you grow your business internationally.

Website Globalization Review (WGR)

The Website Globalization Review (WGR) Gap Analysis service provides technical and strategic assessment of a business’s ecommerce sales channel efforts. These reports include SEO tips, simple enhancements, best practices, and more. 

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REC Check

Conduct a brief assessment of a potential partner to identify any potential concerns or red flags. The aim is to quickly highlight any areas of risk that may impact the viability of a partnership. The report will focus on key factors such as financial health, legal compliance, and reputation to provide insights into potential areas of concern.