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Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Telecom and Internet Services

Ethiopia Calling up Private Investment in Telecom and Internet Services.

Telecommunications Ethiopia Information Technology
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Ethiopia Banking Sector Opportunities

Ethiopia Makes Moves to Open its Banking Sector to Foreign Investors.

Ethiopia Banks
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Ethiopia cold chain solutions

Ethiopia is a net importer of agricultural commodities. The government of Ethiopia vowed to change this situation and has been investing hugely in the sector.

Intelligent Transportation Systems Ethiopia
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Ethiopia Transport Sector

The country’s 10-year transport sector plan creates massive trade and investment opportunities for U.S. companies seeking to do business in Ethiopia.

Distribution and Logistics Ethiopia
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Ethiopia Renewable Energy

Ethiopia has renewable energy resources with the potential to generate over 60,000 MW of electric power from hydroelectric, wind, solar and geothermal sources.

Renewable Energy Ethiopia
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Ethiopia Agricultural Equipment

U.S. companies that can supply equipment and technology for food processing plants have great opportunity in the Ethiopian market.

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Ethiopia
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Ethiopia Healthcare

Ethiopians live primarily in rural and subsistence agricultural areas with poor access to safe water, housing, sanitation, food and health services.

Healthcare Ethiopia
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Ethiopia Digital Economy

Ethiopia is pursuing a digital transformation strategy to digitize the economy by 2025.

Information and Communication Technology Ethiopia