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Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Energy Sector Opportunities

U.S. energy companies, with a reputation for innovative technologies and quality products and services, are well-positioned to compete in the Ethiopian market.

Electricity Infrastructure Ethiopia
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Opens 32 Sectors to Foreign participation.

U.S. companies should consider newly created opportunities in Ethiopia’s growing market for professional services, consumer goods, retail, and agribusiness.

Wholesale Trade Ethiopia Export Regulations
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Energy Intensive Tech opportunities

U.S. technology companies should consider Ethiopia’s low-cost energy for data-intensive technologies like bitcoin mining, data mining, and data centers.  

Energy Ethiopia Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia to Open Real Estate Sector to Foreign Investors

Ethiopia’s opening real estate sector creates groundbreaking opportunities for U.S. firms interested in the country’s large and fast-growing domestic market.

Design and Construction Ethiopia Infrastructure Development
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Automotive EV Market

With Ethiopia’s recent commitment to 100% electric vehicles, U.S. EV companies should strongly consider this unique first-mover business opportunity.  

Industrial Vehicles Ethiopia Infrastructure Development
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Permitted Offshore Account

Learn more about how Ethiopia approves the use of offshore bank accounts for strategic investments.

Banking Ethiopia Foreign Trade Regulations
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Fintech Sector

Ethiopia liberalizes the Fintech Sector to attract foreign digital financial service providers.

Financial Services Ethiopia Finance
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Ag Sector Opportunities

Learn more about how the Russia-Ukraine War Disruption Increases Ethiopian Demand for Fertilizer, Soil Supplements, and Certain Crops.

Agricultural Commodities Ethiopia Trade Barriers
Market Intelligence
Ethiopian Airlines Group

Learn more about how the Ethiopian Airlines Group (EAG) is planning a new airport project for 4 billion dollar project in 2024. 

Airports Ethiopia Air Transport
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia's Fintech Sector

Learn all about how Ethiopia liberalized their fintech sector to attract foreign digital financial service providers.

Financial Services Ethiopia Financial Market
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Digitized E-Invest System

Learn how the new E-invest system streamlines foreign business registration in Ethiopia.

Business and Professional Services Ethiopia Foreign Trade Remedies
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Education Sector Offers Opportunities

U.S. universities and high schools have found success in recruiting Ethiopian students.

Education Ethiopia
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Infrastructure Major Airlines Group Plans Release of RFP for $4 Billion Airport Project in 2024

In preparation, Ethiopian Airlines Group is planning a new airport capable of serving 100 million passengers annually.

Design and Construction Ethiopia
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia E-Procurement Platform Provides Easy Access to Public Tenders

Ethiopia E-Procurement For Transparency Throughout the Process

eCommerce Industry Ethiopia Trade Practices
Market Intelligence
New Investment Related Regulations in Ethiopia

The Government of Ethiopia expanded the list of sectors qualifying for tax incentives and duty-free privileges.

Industrial Materials Ethiopia Trade Policy and Agreements