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Market Intelligence
Taiwan Elderly Care Services

Taiwan’s public resources, incentives for private investment, and customer preferences, make it a top market for U.S. elderly care brands

Franchising Taiwan Market Research
Market Intelligence
Vietnam Franchising

The franchising model in Vietnam has expanded to more than 262 registered foreign brands in multiple sectors since its arrival in this country in the 1990s.

Franchising Vietnam
Market Intelligence
Japan Franchise Market

Now may be a good time for U.S. franchises to enter Japan, one of the largest and most attractive markets for foreign franchises.

Franchising Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
West Bank Franchising Sector

The franchising sector in the West Bank offers niche opportunities for U.S fast food and apparel companies.

Franchising West Bank and Gaza Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Health & Fitness

American fitness franchises are encouraged to consider opportunities in Hong Kong. 

Franchising Hong Kong Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Guatemala Franchise Market

After the pandemic, signs of recovery are expected in 2022 in the franchise sector in Guatemala.

Franchising Guatemala
Market Intelligence

Consumption in China’s lower-tier cities will drive stronger demand for U.S. franchise companies.

Franchising China
Market Intelligence
Burma (Myanmar) Franchising

Experienced Burmese franchisees aim to partner with new American franchise brands when the military regime restores the democratically elected government.

Franchising Asia Pacific
Market Intelligence
Peru Franchising Opportunities

U.S. companies may want to enter Peru’s home food delivery market.

Franchising Peru
Market Intelligence
Saudi Arabia Introduces New Franchising Regulations

Saudi Arabia approved a set of franchising regulations that outline specific requirements to both franchisors and franchisees.

Franchising Saudi Arabia Laws and Regulations
Market Intelligence
Ukraine Franchise Market

Ukraine franchising market is growing consistently. Learn about promising franchise niches, industry potential and opportunities in Ukraine. 

Franchising Ukraine Trade Practices
Market Intelligence
Hungary Franchising

Changes in Hungarian consumption patterns due to the pandemic and demographic changes opens opportunities for U.S. technology providers. 

Franchising Hungary
Market Intelligence
Germany Franchise Market

U.S. companies entering the German franchise market are encouraged to understand German consumer culture. 

Franchising Germany
Market Intelligence
Peru Franchise Market

The strength of U.S. brand affinity supports ample potential for growth of U.S. franchises in Peru.

Franchising Peru
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Franchise Industry

Hong Kong franchisees are seeking high quality and well accepted products and services. 

Franchising Hong Kong