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Market Intelligence
South Africa Energy ESKOM unbundling update

Approved Licensing of the National Transmission Company of South Africa (NTCSA) by National Energy Regulator of South Africa 

Energy South Africa
Market Intelligence
Israel Infrastructure Pipeline Opportunities for U.S. Industry

Israel’s Infrastructure Pipeline: Opportunities for the U.S. Industry

Design and Construction Israel
Market Intelligence
Dominican Republic's Transition to Renewable Energy: Challenges and Opportunities

Challenges and opportunities in the Dominican Republic for US businesses in solar, wind and hydropower.

Renewable Energy Equipment Dominican Republic Export Potential
Market Intelligence
India HVAC Sector

The HVAC sector in India is poised for significant growth, offering increased opportunities for U.S. companies in HVAC industry.

HVAC Equipment Asia Pacific Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Greece Marine Technology LNG Shipping

Unlocking Opportunities: Greece’s Role in Advancing Carbon Capture Dual-Fuel LNG Technologies

Ships and Floating Platforms Greece
Market Intelligence
West Bank Environmental Technology Solid Waste Management

West Bank: Solid Waste Management

Waste Management and Recycling West Bank and Gaza
Market Intelligence
Philippines Energy Transition Strategies

The Philippines launched its Philippine Energy Transition Strategies under the Philippine Energy Plan for 2023 to 2050 in November 2023.

Energy Philippines Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Indonesia Clean Energy Battery Storage System

There is growing market potential for Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) solutions for solar and wind energy in Indonesia.

Renewable Energy Equipment Indonesia
Market Intelligence
Indonesia Carbon Capture Storage

Indonesia seeks to become a market leader as a Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCS) hub.

Oil and Gas Indonesia Climate
Market Intelligence
Ghana Energy Transition Plan

Ghana launches an ambitious plan to reach net zero emissions. 

Civil Nuclear Power Africa Climate
Market Intelligence
Ghana Energy Voluntary Carbon Markets

Ghana has developed a comprehensive regulatory framework or carbon markets. 

Environmental Technology Africa Environment and Natural Resources
Market Intelligence
Peru Energy Gas Pipeline Consulting

This is a consulting opportunity within Peru’s Integrated Gas Transport System, inviting energy infrastructure and project management firms.

Oil and Gas Peru
Market Intelligence
Canada Nuclear Power Expansion

Canada’s plans for carbon neutrality by 2050 offer opportunities for U.S. nuclear energy companies.

Civil Nuclear Power Canada
Market Intelligence
Poland EU funds to help in post COVID-19 economic and social recovery

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (KPO) is a program that consists of 55 investments and 55 reforms. 

Healthcare Poland Economic Development
Market Intelligence
Guyana Energy Sector Overview

Opportunities exist for U.S. companies to supply the oil and gas sector as well as meet limited renewable energy needs in Guyana. 


Energy Guyana