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Market Intelligence
Croatia Smart City Opportunities

Smart Cities concept is growing steadily in Croatia, supported by European Union funds.

Information and Communication Technology Croatia
Market Intelligence
Colombia Offshore Wind Development Projects

The development of the Offshore Wind projects entails numerous opportunities for U.S. companies as the supply chain for this sector is under construction. 

Renewable Energy Colombia Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Mexico Fuels and Petrochemicals Import Restriction

The Mexican Government restricted the importation of lubricants, certain fuels biodiesel, fuel additives, and chemicals into Mexico. 

Petrochemicals Mexico Foreign Trade Regulations
Market Intelligence
Brazil Oil and Gas Useful Tool To Identify Trends and Tools

Brazil’s largest oil producer has useful tool to identify trends and business opportunities.

Oil and Gas Brazil
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Biofuels Blending Mandate

The Government of Mozambique mandated that biofuels be blended with gasoline and diesel; a major opportunity for U.S. Companies.

Renewable Fuels Mozambique Renewable Energy Targets
Market Intelligence
Slovakia Clean Energy Hydrogen in Automotive Industry

New Opportunities for Hydrogen in Slovakia’s Automotive Industry

Automotive Slovakia
Market Intelligence
Poland Energy Billions in Spending to Transform Polish Heating System

This article summarizes a major report assessing the impact of the EU’s Fit for 55 Package settlement on the Polish district heating industry.

Renewable Energy Poland Government, Law and Regulation
Market Intelligence
Israel’s Electric Utility Company's $1-1.5 Billion Annual Procurement Plan

Significant opportunities exist for U.S. manufacturers of Transmission & Distribution equipment, and Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).

Energy Israel
Market Intelligence
Philippines Renewable Energy

Emerging renewable energy opportunities are open for U.S. business.

Renewable Energy Philippines Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Ireland Renewable Energy Key Focus on Irish National Hydrogen Strategy

Irish strategy focuses initially on green hydrogen opportunities.

Renewable Energy Ireland
Market Intelligence
South Africa Energy Action Plan and Roadmap to end Load Shedding

Reduce load shedding in South Africa.

Energy South Africa
Market Intelligence
Indonesia Critical Minerals

Indonesia’s critical minerals market offers many opportunities to U.S. companies.

Industrial Materials Indonesia
Market Intelligence
Brazil Oil and Gas Shipbuilding Investment

Brazil launches US$ 2.6 Billion investment in gas and oil shipbuilding.

Oil and Gas Field Machinery Brazil
Market Intelligence
ASEAN Energy Transition Road Map

Singapore is the first in the ASEAN region to consider climate change and energy transition a national priority, allocating resources to address it.

Energy Singapore
Market Intelligence
Vietnam Energy Green Transport

On July 22, 2022, the Vietnam Government issued Decision 876/QD-TTg approving the Action Program for Transition to green energy transport until 2050. 

Design and Construction Services Southeast Asia