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Market Intelligence
Australia Recreational Marine Industry

Australia’s recreational marine market offers opportunities for a broad range of U.S. recreational marine products and services suppliers.

Marine Technology Australia Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Singapore Green Maritime

As Singapore’s maritime industry transitions towards decarbonization and green shipping, there will be significant changes in sourcing and distributing fuels.

Marine Technology Singapore Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Japan Marine Tech Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Japan has opportunities for U.S. small, inexpensive, and easy-to-deploy AUVs with technical capabilities that address its susceptibility to natural disasters.

Marine Technology Japan Trade Development
Moving with Africa Market Intelligence Cover
Market Intelligence
Moving with Africa Market Intelligence Report 2024

Ten markets in Sub Saharan Africa have written market briefs to give a high-level overview of the opportunities and challenges in their respective markets. 

Automotive Sub-Saharan Africa Trade Promotion
Market Intelligence
Chile Marine Technology Seaports Expansion Projects and Concessions

90 percent of Chile’s foreign trade is conducted by sea, underscoring the importance of Chile’s ports as a strategic player in the global trade market.

Ports Infrastructure and Services Chile
Market Intelligence
Greece Marine Technology LNG Shipping

Unlocking Opportunities: Greece’s Role in Advancing Carbon Capture Dual-Fuel LNG Technologies

Ships and Floating Platforms Greece
Market Intelligence
Thailand Port Authority Upgrade Five Ports

Port Authority of Thailand Aims to Upgrade Five Ports to Smart Ports

Ports Infrastructure and Services Thailand Exports
Market Intelligence
Poland Defense Aegis Ashore system base in Redzikowo handed over to U.S. Navy

AAMDS Poland, an element of the U.S. Ballistic Missile Defense System will soon be ready to operate under NATO command and control.

Ports Infrastructure and Services Poland Government Influence Issues
Market Intelligence
Kenya Shipyard Development and Operation Consulting Opportunity

Kenya looking for a Consultant to do a Feasibility Study on Development and Operation of a Shipyard under a         PPP Model

Shipbuilding Equipment and Services Kenya Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Greece Shipping Sector Opportunities

Greek Shipping current landscape and upcoming opportunities for U.S. Firms.

Marine Technology Greece
Market Intelligence
Italy Defense Market Opportunities

The Italian Multi-year Defense Planning Document allocates $30 billion of resources.

Defense Equipment Italy
Market Intelligence
Japan Recreational Boating and Personal Watercraft Market

Japan’s vibrant pleasure boat market creates business opportunities for luxurious and stylish U.S. pleasure boats.  

Marine Technology Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Singapore Marine Technology Seeking Full-Electric Harbor Craft Designs

Request for expression of interest for electric harbor craft.

Shipbuilding Equipment and Services Singapore
Market Intelligence
Panama: The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal critical cornerstone of global maritime transportation.

Marine Technology Panama
Market Intelligence
Japan Marine Technology

Japan’s transformation from manned ships to Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) creates business opportunities for U.S. marine tech companies.

Marine Technology Japan Trade Development