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Market Intelligence
Japan’s Next Generation of Marine Technology

Japan’s greenhouse gas reduction strategy creates business opportunities for U.S. firms with cutting-edge marine technologies.

Marine Technology Japan Environment and Natural Resources
Market Intelligence
Saudi Arabia Ports Expansion

Saudi Arabia’s National Transport and Logistics strategy outlines plans to expand the capacity of the kingdom’s maritime sector. 

Ports Infrastructure and Services Saudi Arabia
Market Intelligence

U.S. exporters should seek opportunities in China’s new “blue economy,” consisting of marine transportation, marine biomedicine, and seawater utilization.

Marine Technology China
Market Intelligence
Vietnam Green Port Opportunities

Vietnam is a promising market for ocean industry with a seaport system of 286 terminals and coastline length of over 3260 km.

Ports Infrastructure and Services Vietnam
Market Intelligence
Singapore Mega Port Shipping Hub of ASEAN

Singapore’s Mega Port is positioned as a Global Transshipment Hub among ASEAN countries. 

Maritime Transportation Singapore
Market Intelligence
Uruguay Port Authority

Plans for the construction of a 10-hectare fishing port is expected to provide logistics support to commercial fishing fleets and related port activities.

Ports Infrastructure and Services Uruguay
Market Intelligence
China Pleasure Boat Market

China’s heightened living standards has led to increasing demand for luxurious consumer goods. China’s pleasure boat industry is “set to sail.” 

Pleasure Boats China
Market Intelligence
Uruguay Expansion at Montevideo Port

The Government of Uruguay extended the concession of Montevideo’s port container terminal to the Belgium company Katoen Natie, until the year 2080.

Construction Equipment and Machinery South America Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Uruguay Port of Montevideo Modernization

U.S. companies that provide essential infrastructure and smart port technology are encouraged to consider the Uruguay market. 

Ports Infrastructure and Services Uruguay
Market Intelligence
Italy's Port Infrastructure

Don’t Miss the Boat: U.S. suppliers could capitalize on Italian stimulus spending on port infrastructure.

Design and Construction Italy
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Pleasure Boat & Marine Sales

Hong Kong’s maritime culture & mature pleasure boat industry offers opportunity for U.S. marine producers. 

Boating Hong Kong
Market Intelligence
India Airports and Ports Development

The Government of India has allocated $83.2b for infrastructure creating new export opportunities in airports and ports development.

Airport and Ground Support Equipment India Export Potential
Market Intelligence
UK Defense Market – Autonomous Underwater Sensors

The UK Ministry of Defense is seeking innovative autonomous underwater sensors to better understand potential capabilities of underwater autonomous vehicles.

Defense Equipment United Kingdom
Market Intelligence
Algeria’s El Hamdania Port

The Port of El Hamdania, in Cherchell, Algeria will be the country’s largest and first deep-water port and the second deep-water port in Africa. 

Ports Infrastructure and Services Algeria Sea Transport
Market Intelligence
Dominican Republic Rehabilitation Project of the Manzanillo Port

The Port of Manzanillo presents potential for the capture and treatment of traffic and functionalities by 2045.

Ports Infrastructure and Services Dominican Republic Transport and Logistics