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Market Intelligence
Brazil Import Duties on Aluminum Sheets

Brazil  has temporarily reduced import duties on aluminum sheets, opening an opportunity for U.S. companies interested in exporting Aluminum sheets to Brazil.

Composites Brazil
Market Intelligence
Brazil Mining Sector

Brazil’s mining sector revenue increased 62% in 2021. The sector remains an excellent prospect for U.S. companies supplying the mining sector. 

Environmental Technology Brazil
Market Intelligence
BRAZIL Ex-Tariff Regime for Capital and ICT Goods

Feb 28 Deadline – Ex-Tariff Status for Select Capital and ICT Goods 

Electronics Brazil
Market Intelligence
Brazil maritime monitoring systems

The Brazilian Navy is in search of a new technically advanced maritime monitoring system. 

Defense Equipment Brazil
Market Intelligence
Brazil Logistics System for Consumer Electronics

By 2025 more than 400 Brazilian cities will have electronic waste volunteer collection points, in major cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Curitiba.

Consumer Electronics Brazil Waste Management
Market Intelligence
Brazil Water and Wastewater Opportunities

The privatization of utilities in Brazil is forecast to increase investment in Brazils water and wastewater sector.

Water and Wastewater Brazil
Market Intelligence
Brazil Drones for Spraying

Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture has stood up regulations to simplify procedures and legal requirements for use of this technology.

Agribusiness Brazil
Market Intelligence
Brazil Market for Chemicals

Brazil’s demand for chemical imports remains extremely high, presenting opportunities for U.S. companies.

Chemicals Brazil
Market Intelligence
Brazil Smart Cities Opportunities

Connected Smart Cities event in São Paulo in September 2021 offers marketing opportunities for U.S. Smart City solution providers in various Brazilian cities.  

Market Intelligence
Brazil Smart Cities in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul

There are smart cities opportunities in Campo Grande and Mato Grosso do Sul Brazil.

Information and Communication Technology Brazil
Market Intelligence
Brazil Smart Cities Opportunities in Salvador, Bahia

The Connected Smart Cities event in São Paulo, Brazil in September 2021 will feature opportunities for U.S. companies in Salvador, Bahia Brazil. 

Retail Trade Brazil
Market Intelligence
Brazil Computer and Telecommunications Import Tariffs

Brazil Ministry of Economy updates list of computer & telecommunications goods subject to the temporary exemption on import duties. 

Telecommunications Brazil Miscellaneous Tariff Bill
Market Intelligence
Brazil Space Sector

Brazil’s satellite development sector is growing and is ready for potential partnerships with U.S. firms.

Space Brazil
Market Intelligence
Brazil Equipment & Engineering Services

Brazil regulation changes for dam construction offers opportunities for U.S. equipment and engineering services. 

Building Products Brazil Environmental Legislation
Market Intelligence
Brazil Sewage Treatment

Rio de Janeiro will solicit bids for the state´s Water and Sewage Company (CEDAE)’s sewage collection and water treatment services.

Environmental Technology Brazil Trade Development