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Market Intelligence
Singapore Mega Port Shipping Hub of ASEAN

Singapore’s Mega Port is positioned as a Global Transshipment Hub among ASEAN countries. 

Maritime Transportation Singapore
Market Intelligence
Singapore: Electric Buses & Cars for Public Transport

Singapore plans to deploy new fully electric buses for public transportation by 2040.

Automotive Singapore
Market Intelligence
Singapore Digital and Smart Manufacturing

Singapore companies will increase the use of advanced technologies such as 3D printing to enhance productivity, improve efficiencies, and optimize production.

Information and Communication Technology Singapore
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Singapore Sustainable Clean Energy

Singapore makes energy intensive industries more carbon efficient.

Energy Singapore
Market Intelligence
Singapore Green Plan Development

Singapore develops a Blueprint for 2030 Green Plan to halve carbon emissions and achieve next-zero emissions.

Environmental Technology Singapore
Market Intelligence
Singapore solar energy

Singapore will quadruple solar energy deployments by 2030.

Energy Singapore
Market Intelligence
Singapore Novel Foods and Plant Protein

Singapore has approved “lab-grown” meat products for sale. The interest in meat substitutes inspired Singapore’s Safety Assessment Requirements for Novel Foods,

Food and Beverage Singapore
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Singapore Food Resilience Road Map

Singapore has a goal to meet 30 percent of its populations nutritional needs by 2030.  

Agribusiness Singapore
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Singapore Standard Drugs List

The Singapore Ministry of Health Standards Drug List, highlights the addition of sixteen antiretroviral drugs. 

Healthcare Singapore
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Singapore Licensing of Telemedicine

Singapore will license Telemedicine in mid-2022 under the new Health Services Act.

Healthcare Services Singapore
Market Intelligence
Singapore's Beauty and Personal Care Market

“Indie Brands” of personal care products, a strong domain of U.S. firms, thrive in Singapore as consumers seek to express their individuality and authenticity.

Cosmetics and Toiletries Singapore
Market Intelligence
Singapore Electric Vehicles

Singapore New Electric Vehicles Measures Expected to Jolt Sales. 

Automotive Singapore Government, Law and Regulation
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Singapore, Zero Waste Nation by 2030

The Singapore government introduced a policy goal to become a Zero Waste Nation in which diverting food waste from the disposal will play a significant role.

Industries Singapore Government, Law and Regulation
Market Intelligence
Singapore Funds New Infrastructure

The Singapore government will issue $68 billion in new bonds to finance long-term infrastructure projects. 

Energy Singapore Economic Development and Investment
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Singapore Industry 4.0

Singapore is the regional powerhouse for advanced manufacturing technologies and provides an excellent platform for U.S. to enter ASEAN. 

Equipment and Machinery Singapore Trade Development