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Market Intelligence
Poland Offshore Wind Terminal

U.S. companies are encouraged to explore Poland’s offshore wind farm projects, that are significant to the countries energy transition to a low-carbon economy.

Renewable Energy Poland Infrastructure Development
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Poland Electric Power Investment

Polska Grupa Energetyczna (PGE) is Poland’s largest company in the electrical power sector. 

Energy Poland Bid
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Poland Smart Metering

The development of smart grid technologies in Poland presents opportunities for U.S. providers of intelligent solutions for electricity distribution grids.

Grid Transmission Distribution Poland
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Poland Coal Mines

According to the German think tank, Ember, 70 percent of methane leaks from Europe’s coal mines are in Poland.  

Air Pollution Control Poland
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Poland PGE's LTE450 Network

The Polish Energy Group (PGE) has recently adopted a new strategy to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.   

Electricity Infrastructure Poland
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Poland Green Biogas

The cost of building 1,500-2,000 biogas plants in Poland will be nearly $20 billion over the next 10 years. 

Renewable Fuels Europe Trade Development
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Poland Power Generation

Almost eighty percent of Poland’s electricity is produced by hard and brown coal fired power plants that were built between1960-1980, and no longer meet the EU’s strict environmental requirements for greenhouse gas emissions reduction. 

Energy Poland
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Poland Electrical Power

Poland’s installed cap of electric power in renewable sources is insufficient for to meet EU 2020 obligation of 20% share of renewable energy in the final mix.

Energy Poland Economic Development
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Poland Energy Transformation

Energy transformation is one of the major pillars of the European Commission’s (EC) strategy for economic recovery. This approach is compatible with Poland’s economic priorities of energy sector transformation to meet EU Green Deal obligations. 

Energy Poland Climate
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Poland Long-term Hydrogen Project

Polish state-controlled oil and gas company PGNiG, recently announced their plans to implement a hydrogen program consisting of five projects, implemented over the course of five years at a total cost of nearly $8 million. 

Energy Europe Trade Development
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Poland Digital Single Tax

The Polish government is looking for additional sources of income to fuel the state budget, to cope with unprecedented expenditures connected to the COVID-19 health crisis, among those under consideration is the Digital Single Tax (DST). 

Information and Communication Technology Poland Digital Economy
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Poland Military Modernization Plan

Poland’s military is undergoing changes designed to transform it into a more capable, mobile, and NATO-compatible force.


Defense Equipment Poland Business to Government
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Poland 5G Legal Framework

Digital technologies in the development of the fifth-generation wireless communication networks (5G) is a high priority of the Polish government.

Information and Communication Technology Poland Information Technology
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Poland 5G Development

Sales opportunities are open in Poland’s 5G network development.  

Information and Communication Technology Poland Digital Economy
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Poland’s automotive industry is an important manufacturing sectors that has become Central and Eastern Europe’s manufacturing hub for cars, car parts and components. 

Automotive Europe Trade Development