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Market Intelligence
Poland Infrastructure LTG Infra launches five public tenders for Lithuania Rail Baltica project

LTG Infra has launched five public tenders for design and design supervision services.

Railroad Equipment Poland Tendering
Market Intelligence
Poland ICT Cyberattacks in Poland take place every 9 minutes

In 2022, number of cyberattacks grew significantly in Poland. Private, but also public sector – administration, hospitals, banking and other have been a target.

Cybersecurity Poland Information Technology
Market Intelligence
Poland’s Space Market

The Polish space sector has been developing rapidly since Poland’s accession to the European Space Agency in 2012.

Space Poland Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
Poland Infrastructure Lithuania Baltica Project High-Speed Rail Planned Train Purchase

LTG Link has begun consultations with market participants on purchase of 10 or 14 high speed passenger trains to be used from 2028.

Rail Transportation Poland Infrastructure Development
Market Intelligence
Poland Infrastructure Rail Baltica project in Lithuania new tendering procedure

LTG Infra has launched a new tendering procedure for construction of a new double track embarkment, engineering structures and roads.

Construction Equipment and Machinery Lithuania Infrastructure Development
Market Intelligence
Poland Information Technology 5G auction preperations - opportunity to comment

Poland consultations for 5G auction will last until January 31, 2023.  Provisions on high-risk suppliers not included.

Telecommunications Services Poland Services Barriers
Market Intelligence
Poland Healthcare MOU with network of American oncology centers.

Poland signed an agreement with the National Comprehensive Cancer Network of American oncology centers on cancer treatment, research & education.

Healthcare Facilities Poland Partnership
Market Intelligence
Poland Travel and Tourism LOT Polish Airlines-JetBlue Airways Agreement

LOT Polish Airlines has signed an intertwine agreement with U.S. carrier JetBlue Airways, creating new opportunities for travel and tourism businesses.

Airlines Poland Air Transport
Market Intelligence
Poland Foreign Military Financing

The U.S. Congress approved the transfer of USD288.6 million to Poland as part of Foreign Military Financing.

Aerospace and Defense Poland Government Influence Issues
Market Intelligence
Poland Energy Biogas

According to various estimates, Poland has the potential to produce as much as 8 billion cubic meters of biomethane, or 30.5 TWh of electricity, from biogas.

Renewable Energy Poland Infrastructure Development
Market Intelligence
Poland's Defense Spending

In light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Poland will increase defense spending to 3% of GDP and more than double the number of troops.

Defense Equipment Poland Government Influence Issues
Market Intelligence
Poland Gdansk Port Infrastructure

Gdańsk, the largest port in the Baltic Sea, is undergoing construction of a deep-water quay for container ships. 

Construction Technology Poland Investment
Market Intelligence
Poland Electric Vehicles

Electromobility is accelerating in Poland. Unfortunately, the available charging infrastructure is not keeping up with the growing demand.

Automotive Poland Transport Infrastructure
Market Intelligence
Poland Hydrogen Strategy

By 2050, Poland may become one of the most competitive producers of green hydrogen in the European Union. 

Energy Poland
Market Intelligence
Poland Electric Power

Heat pumps are an attractive alternative to fossil fuels for heating private households. Poland’s annual heat pump market is worth $500 million.

Energy Poland