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Market Intelligence
Greece Information Technology National Cybersecurity Strategy

Greece Embraces Digital Transformation with Robust Cybersecurity Measures

Cybersecurity Greece
Market Intelligence
Austria Cybersecurity Opportunities

Business opportunities ahead for U.S. providers of cybersecurity solutions.



Cybersecurity Austria
Market Intelligence
Chile Information Technology New Cybersecurity Framework Law

 Chile’s 2024 Cybersecurity Framework Law makes Chile the first country in Latin America to establish a cybersecurity agency and regulatory framework. 

Cybersecurity Chile Laws and Regulations
Market Intelligence
Chile Government Lobby Law

Chile’s Lobby Law allows U.S. companies to directly request meetings with Chilean government officials through an open, transparent, and public process.

Defense Equipment Chile
Market Intelligence
Singapore Cybersecurity Legislation

U.S. IT solution providers, partners, and clients should review Singapore’s recently enacted Cybersecurity Bill to ensure compliance and identify opportunities.

Cybersecurity Singapore
Market Intelligence
Malaysia Fintech Growth

Malaysia’s fintech growth beckons U.S. tech firms with opportunities in mobile payments, digital wallets, blockchain, and collaborative partnerships

Cybersecurity Malaysia Export Financing
Market Intelligence
Malaysia Tender Offset Policy

U.S. defense suppliers bidding on Malaysia’s recent defense modernization programs must consider higher expectations for offsets to boost the local economy

Defense Equipment Malaysia Safeguards
Market Intelligence
Kenya Defense Designation of Kenya as a major Non-NATO U.S Ally (MNNA)

Defense: Kenya Designated a Major Non – NATO U.S. Ally (MNNA)

Safety and Security Kenya Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
European Commission's efforts to counter unfair market practices by the PRC

The European Commission has taken action in the past several weeks to tackle the PRC’s unfair market practices

Security Technology EU International Trade Law
Market Intelligence
Philippines Cybersecurity Market

The Philippines is one of the largest markets for Business Process Outsourcing, with much of the world’s data held and processed in the country.

Cybersecurity Export Promotion
Market Intelligence
New Zealand Retail Security

New Zealand offers U.S. companies selling retail security products and services a small, yet growing market.

Security Technology New Zealand Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Ghana Scam and Fraud Alert

A guide for companies to avoid fraud and scams allegedly associated with Ghanaian-based entities. 

Safety and Security Africa Risk Management
Market Intelligence
Poland ICT the most cyber attacked country in the world

Analytics from Check Point Research revealed that Poland is the leading country in terms of cyber-attacks in the world.

Cybersecurity Poland Information Sciences
Market Intelligence
Austria Defense Procurement Opportunities

New opportunities for U.S. companies: Austrian Armed Forces are investing 6 billion EUR in defense sector by 2027

Defense Equipment Austria
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom Safety and Security Law Enforcement Seeks Drug Driving Testing Capability

United Kingdom Law Enforcement is seeking innovative proposals that will lead to the development of roadside evidential drug driving testing.

Police Equipment United Kingdom