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Market Intelligence
Philippines Cybersecurity Market

The Philippines is one of the largest markets for Business Process Outsourcing, with much of the world’s data held and processed in the country.

Cybersecurity Export Promotion
Market Intelligence
New Zealand Retail Security

New Zealand offers U.S. companies selling retail security products and services a small, yet growing market.

Security Technology New Zealand Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Ghana Scam and Fraud Alert

A guide for companies to avoid fraud and scams allegedly associated with Ghanaian-based entities. 

Safety and Security Africa Risk Management
Market Intelligence
Poland ICT the most cyber attacked country in the world

Analytics from Check Point Research revealed that Poland is the leading country in terms of cyber-attacks in the world.

Cybersecurity Poland Information Sciences
Market Intelligence
Austria Defense Procurement Opportunities

New opportunities for U.S. companies: Austrian Armed Forces are investing 6 billion EUR in defense sector by 2027

Defense Equipment Austria
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom Safety and Security Law Enforcement Seeks Drug Driving Testing Capability

United Kingdom Law Enforcement is seeking innovative proposals that will lead to the development of roadside evidential drug driving testing.

Police Equipment United Kingdom
Market Intelligence
Italy: Landslide, Flood Management and Prevention

Opportunities may exist for hydro and geologic risk prevention, monitoring, engineering, land consolidation and reclamation.

Safety and Security Italy
Market Intelligence
Brazil Fire Safety Equipment

Brazilian fire departments have outdated equipment presenting opportunities for U.S. manufacturers of fire protection and safety industry equipment.

Firearms and Accessories Brazil
Market Intelligence
Taiwan Cybersecurity

Taiwan is experiencing an unprecedented volume of cyber-attacks, prompting a surge in demand for U.S. cybersecurity solutions that comply with CMMC standards.

Cybersecurity Taiwan Market Access
Market Intelligence
Canada Flood Management

The expected increase of flooding in Canada provides new opportunities for U.S exporters of natural disaster solutions.

Safety and Security Canada
Market Intelligence
Greece Digital Transformation plan

Digital Transformation Moves Forward in Greece with Administration Commitments and Signature Projects

System Infrastructure Software Greece
Market Intelligence
Greece Shipping Sector Opportunities

Greek Shipping current landscape and upcoming opportunities for U.S. Firms.

Marine Technology Greece
Market Intelligence
Mexico CyberSecurity Market

The cybersecurity market in Mexico is expected to continue growing as the digitalization efforts continue and cyber-attacks become more frequent.

Cybersecurity Mexico
Market Intelligence
Tanzania Digital Economy Commercial Dialogue and Growth Opportunities

U.S. and Tanzania Sign a Commercial Dialogue Memorandum of Cooperation

eCommerce Industry Tanzania Infrastructure Development
Market Intelligence
Malaysia Defense and Security

Opportunities are growing for U.S. firms providing defense and security solutions to Malaysian enforcement agencies.

Defense Equipment Malaysia Export Potential