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Market Intelligence

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has resources that can help American manufacturers.

Cybersecurity China
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom Law Enforcement Looking to Tackle eScooter and eBike Enabled Crime

UK law enforcement is looking for innovative technology that improves the ability to prevent e-scooters and e-bikes from being used for criminal purposes. 

Vehicle-Immobilizer Equipment United Kingdom Exports
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Kuwait Defense


Safety and Security Kuwait
Market Intelligence
Japan Digitalization and Cyberthreats

Japan has launched a new Digital Agency to spur further digitalization across Japanese society, but cyberthreats, particularly ransomware attacks, are growing.

Information and Communication Technology Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Chile - Firefighting Equipment and Services

The acquisition of firefighting equipment and services in Chile is needed to support firefighting during fire season.

Firefighting and Rescue Equipment Chile
Market Intelligence
Japan Safety and Security Update

High sales growth is expected in Japan’s safety and security market, particularly for Internet Protocol (IP) cameras and biometrics technologies.

Safety and Security Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Taiwan 5G Open RAN Market

Taiwan Provides a Testbed for 5G Open RAN Solutions

Wireless Taiwan Information Technology
Market Intelligence
Colombia Safety and Security Industry

Colombia’s national strategy for improving safety and security is an opportunity for U.S. equipment and technology providers.

Safety and Security Colombia Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom Security Market in 2021

The UK is ranking fifth in the global security export markets behind the U.S., Japan, China and Germany with opportunities for U.S. security companies. 

Authentication and Anti-Counterfeiting Services United Kingdom
Market Intelligence
Canada Opportunities for U.S. Cyber Security Technologies

Increased Cyberattacks in Canada Offers Opportunities for U.S. Cyber Security Technologies.

Cybersecurity Canada
Market Intelligence
Spain Drone Technologies Budget Forecast

Spain plans to spend over $190 million dollars on drone technology over the next two years.

Scanning and Detection Systems Spain
Market Intelligence
Honduras Security Technology

Honduras continues to create safe urban centers, with increased investment in data analytics and other technology to support crime deterrence.

Security Technology Honduras
Market Intelligence
Malaysia Cybersecurity

ASEAN members will invest US$171 billion collectively on Cybersecurity between 2017 and 2025.

Cybersecurity Malaysia
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom Cybersecurity Market

The UK cyber security market, valued at over $7 billion, is regarded as the largest cyber security market in Europe.

Cybersecurity United Kingdom
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Spain Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Regulation

A new regulation has been approved for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

Safety and Security Spain