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Market Intelligence
El Salvador New Cybersecurity Policy

The new cybersecurity policy creates business opportunities for suppliers of IT products and services and improves the business climate for U.S. providers. 

Cybersecurity El Salvador
Market Intelligence
Saudi Arabia Cybersecurity

The Saudi National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) mandates registration process for cybersecurity solution providers.

Cybersecurity Saudi Arabia
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Turkey Safety & Security: Disaster Management

This article covers opportunities in Turkey in Safety & Security: Disaster Management sector.

Safety and Security Turkey
Market Intelligence
Japan Cybersecurity

Recent cyberattacks increase awareness in Japan for the need for cybersecurity preparedness, creating opportunities for U.S. providers.

Information and Communication Technology Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
El Salvador Security Funding

Changes on law enforcement spending creates an opportunity for U.S. providers of security products.  

Public Safety El Salvador
Market Intelligence
Italy Firearms Legal Framework

Understand firearms licensing in Italy and the legal framework for their importation.

Firearms and Accessories Italy
Market Intelligence

China’s wildfire and explosion accidents that resulted in deaths and property loss push Ministry of Emergency Management to look for more high-end equipment.

Fire Safety and Rescue China
Market Intelligence
Greece Wildfire National Strategy

The 2021 wildfires in Greece devastated over 125,000 hectares of land and followed a historic heatwave (116.8 F). 

Firefighting and Rescue Equipment Greece Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Thailand Personal Data Protection Act

Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), fully enforceable this year, offers opportunities for U.S. companies in data technologies and services.

Cybersecurity Thailand Exports
Market Intelligence
India’s Surveillance and Security Market

Increasing requirements of safety, a boom in smart cities, and airport security, have led to the rise of the security and surveillance market in India.  

Public Safety South Asia Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
New Zealand Natural Disaster Resilience

New Zealand’s geography is shaped by its location known as the Ring of Fire surrounding the Pacific Ocean.  

Incident-Reporting Systems New Zealand Climate
Market Intelligence
Philippine Cybersecurity Market

In the Philippines, 43% of private companies increased allocation of funds to cybersecurity solutions for data protection.

Cybersecurity Philippines Knowledge Management
Market Intelligence
The Philippines' Safety and Security Industry

The Philippines national police and fire protection modernization programs provide opportunities for U.S. safety and security exporters.

Police Equipment Philippines Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Companies doing business in the European Union are obligated to comply with the GDPR. 

eCommerce Industry EU Import Regulations
Market Intelligence
China Security Measures for Data Transfer

China Cyberspace Administration’s Draft Security Assessment Measures for Cross-border Data Transfer pose challenges for companies with cross-border data needs.

Cybersecurity China Government, Law and Regulation