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Market Intelligence
Uruguay Telecommunications

Uruguay’s Telecommunication Market Outlook and Opportunities. 

Telecommunications Uruguay Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Uruguay Electric Vehicles

Uruguay would like to increase the number of market participants in the EV sector, which represents an opportunity for U.S. electric vehicle producers.

Automotive Uruguay Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Uruguay Energy and Transportation

The Uruguayan government launched a pilot program for hydrogen powered vehicles and is interested in companies that can provide and integrate this technology.

Autotech Uruguay Exports
Market Intelligence

The Uruguay government is committed to achieving a secure digital environment.

Cybersecurity Uruguay Export Potential
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Uruguay Healthcare IT

Uruguay passes a law to create incentive for the use of telemedicine.

Healthcare Services Uruguay Business to Government
Market Intelligence

The Uruguayan government will sell a portion of the state-owned railway logistics company “Servicios Logisticos Ferroviarios.” 

Rail Transportation South America Railway Transport