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Market Intelligence
Hungary Information and Communication Technologies

Despite a slower-than-desired digital transformation (including cloud adoption hesitancy) ICT is a very important sector in Hungary.

Information and Communication Technology Hungary Business News
Market Intelligence
Hungary Employment Trends

U.S. companies seeking job-market related information may be interested in learning that demand for skilled workers and gross wages are on the rise in Hungary.

Employment Services Hungary Labor
Market Intelligence
Hungary Healthcare

New funding for Hungary’s Healthcare Network offers opportunities for U.S. healthcare and MedTech companies.

Healthcare Hungary
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Hungary Franchising

Changes in Hungarian consumption patterns due to the pandemic and demographic changes opens opportunities for U.S. technology providers. 

Franchising Hungary
Market Intelligence
Hungary Automotive Industry and Smart Mobility

U.S. companies interested in the Hungarian automotive market are encouraged to use distribution, franchising or agency arrangements for successful market entry.

Autotech Hungary
Market Intelligence
Hungary Logistics Facilities

Economic recovery in Hungary is expected to add cyclical demand to the second half of 2021 in eCommerce, driving demand for logistics facilities. 

Intelligent Transportation Systems Hungary
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Hungary First Commercial Satellite Business

The launch and operation of the first Hungarian satellite, scheduled for 2024, will open sales opportunities for a wide range of products,

Information and Communication Technology Hungary
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Hungary ICT - 5G Development

The development of 5G networks in Hungary will open sales opportunities for a wide range of solutions.

Telecommunications Hungary Information Management
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Hungary E-commerce Soars

Online purchases in Hungary recently surpassed all other forms of spending, according to a Mastercard survey. Thirty-five percent of Hungarians said they had never bought as much online as during this time, along with 57% of Europeans. 

Consumer Goods Hungary eCommerce
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Hungary MedTech and Health IT

The Ministry of Human Capacities is aiming to dedicate USD 2.18 billion for MedTech and Health IT development in Hungary until 2026.

Healthcare Hungary Industrial Development