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Market Intelligence
Tanzania Budget Analysis 2022/23

Among of the main objectives Tanzania’s budget is to build the economy,and reduce poverty and unemployment, especially to the youth.

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Tanzania Government Influence Issues
Market Intelligence
Philippine Cold Chain Sector

U.S. companies focused on cold chain technologies for food handling and processing can find export opportunities. 

Equipment and Machinery Philippines Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Mexico's Update for Steel Imports Regulations

Mexican Customs updates related to the Steel Mill Certificate and the Certificate of Quality, specifying the characteristics of each one in the import process.

Iron and Steel Mexico Customs and Boarder Measures
Market Intelligence
Panama Mining

Panama has one of the highest concentrations of copper per unit area in the world.

Metals Panama Industrial Development
Market Intelligence
Colombia Fertilizer Market

Colombia relies on imported raw materials for fertilizer production.

Agricultural Chemicals Colombia Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Mexico Metal Mechanics

The continued inflow of FDI in Mexico by OEM and Tier manufacturers is increasing the opportunities for U.S. suppliers of the metal-mechanics industry.

Mining Equipment and Machinery Mexico
Market Intelligence
Ghana Mining Sector

Ghana seeks environmental technologies to manage mine tailings for the development of its nascent critical minerals sector.   

Industrial Waste Water Ghana Dangerous Substances
Market Intelligence
Ghana Oil and Gas Sector

Recent surges in international energy prices help spur initiatives to expand Ghana’s oil and gas sector.

Oil and Gas Field Machinery Ghana
Market Intelligence
Japan Advanced Manufacturing

Are you a U.S. advanced manufacturing solutions company considering expanding your global footprint? Learn more about your next market, Japan.

Equipment and Machinery Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Ghana One District One Factor (1D1F) Initiative

Ghana’s One District One Factory (1D1F) initiative has spurred 278 manufacturing projects with more in the pipeline. 

Machinery and Tools Ghana Industrial Development
Market Intelligence
Philippine Agricultural Chemicals and Machinery

Agricultural machinery, cold chain equipment and accessories, and agricultural chemicals are in demand in the Philippines.

Agricultural Chemicals Philippines Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Ghana Fertilizer Market

While global and local economic factors are altering the fertilizer market in Ghana, there remains an urgent need for price competitive fertilizer.

Fertilizers Ghana
Market Intelligence
Tanzania Agricultural Investment

Investment is needed in Tanzania for cold chain storage facilities, processing of crops,  transport, packaging, wholesaling, and retailing of various crops.

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Tanzania Technology Transfer
Market Intelligence
India’s Advanced Manufacturing Sector

India is shifting to more automated and process driven manufacturing, increasing demand for high-end equipment and machinery.

Equipment and Machinery South Asia Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Malaysia Guidelines for Wastepaper and Scrap Metal

Malaysia enacts new guidelines for wastepaper and scrap metal.

Waste Management Services Malaysia Import Regulations