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Market Intelligence
Japan's Analytical and Scientific Instruments Market

Analytical and scientific instruments play vital roles in a wide range of applications in key elements of Japan’s core manufacturing and service industries.

Equipment and Machinery Japan Market Research
Market Intelligence
Canada Mining Equipment

Canada’s rare earth element reserves offers opportunities for U.S. mining equipment exporters to ensure the safety of the North American Defense Supply Chain.

Mining Equipment and Machinery Canada
Market Intelligence
Indian Ferrous Scrap Market Overview

India is an excellent market for U.S. exporters of ferrous scrap metal.

Scrap Iron and Steel South Asia Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Australia Site Remediation

Australia has recently developed a national framework for the remediation and management of contaminated sites in both Australia and New Zealand. 

Chemicals Australia Soil Conservation
Market Intelligence
India Housing for All

The Government of India has allocated $83.2 billion for infrastructure creating new export opportunities in real estate development.

Construction Technology India Export Potential
Market Intelligence
United Arab Emirates and Hydrogen

The UAE is planning to develop a hydrogen industry ecosphere, and this may create new opportunities for U.S. companies. 

Chemicals United Arab Emirates Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Germany Plastics Market

The German plastics market is the largest in Europe. U.S. manufacturers offering innovative plastics materials and auxiliaries have best prospects. 

Equipment and Machinery Germany Market Access
Market Intelligence
Brazil Equipment & Engineering Services

Brazil regulation changes for dam construction offers opportunities for U.S. equipment and engineering services. 

Building Products Brazil Environmental Legislation
Market Intelligence
Singapore Industry 4.0

Singapore is the regional powerhouse for advanced manufacturing technologies and provides an excellent platform for U.S. to enter ASEAN. 

Equipment and Machinery Singapore Trade Development
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom PVC Scrap

New requirements are imposed on UK importers of PVC scrap from the U.S. 

Scrap Materials United Kingdom Technical Barriers to Trade
Market Intelligence
Singapore Additive Manufacturing

Singapore provides an excellent platform for U.S. companies to enter the ASEAN region.

Equipment and Machinery Singapore
Market Intelligence
Germany Additive Manufacturing

Germany is the largest additive manufacturing (AM) market in the EU and it offers substantial business opportunities to U.S. companies.

Machinery and Tools Germany
Market Intelligence
Malaysia Smart Manufacturing

U.S. companies that are innovators and leaders in the forefront of IR4.0 technology are encouraged to contact us for more information.

Materials Handling Machinery Malaysia
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom - REACH

Comprehensive guidance is available on post Brexit requirements for companies exporting chemicals to the UK and EU via UK REACH. 

Chemicals United Kingdom Foreign Trade Regulations
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom High Speed Track Tender

A United Kingdom tender opportunity in a search for contractors to deliver four lots of High Speed rail tracks totaling in value $2.5bn. 

Construction Equipment and Machinery United Kingdom Tendering