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Market Intelligence
Mexico Technical Regulations for Vehicle Safety Devices

The Government of Mexico is soliciting public comment on proposed technical regulations concerning essential safety devices for new vehicles.

Automotive Parts Mexico
Market Intelligence
Mexico New Invoices and Obligations (CARTA PORTE)

The Carte Porte requirement will be applied to all importation and exportation of goods in transit within Mexican territory.

Export Management Mexico Trade Facilitation
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Mexico Proposes New Requirements for Placement of Products in Supermarkets

Mexico has announced preliminarily plans to draft a new Official Mexican Standard that would place restrictions on the placement of products in supermarkets

Wholesale Trade Mexico Technical Regulations
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Mexico Announces the creation of new National Customs Agency

The Government of Mexico published in its Official Gazette a decree announcing the creation of a new National Customs Agency (ANAM).

Industries Mexico Customs and Boarder Measures
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Mexico Textile Regulation

U.S. companies can comment on proposed regulation published by Mexico’s General Standards Bureau (DGN).

Textiles and Apparel Mexico
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Mexico Front of Package Labeling

Mexico’s Health and Sanitary Risk Authority has published a manual outlining the requirements for complying with its front of package labeling requirements.

Food and Beverage Mexico Trade Facilitation
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Mexico Harmonized System (HS) Changes

Public comments are welcome on proposed changes to Mexico’s Harmonized System (HS) of Goods Classification, commonly referred to as HS or tariff codes.

Export Management Mexico Customs Fees
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Mexico Updates Importation Paperwork

Mexico updates requirements for The Value Declaration, importation paperwork to successfully import goods into Mexico. 

Export Management Mexico Import Regulations
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Mexico Import Regulations-Used Vehicles

Mexico has effectively decreased the number of used vehicle imports through regulations and requirements. 

Road Vehicles Mexico Export Regulations
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Mexico Standards Changes

Exporting to Mexico? Know the changes to Mexico’s “NOM Annex” which identifies the HS codes of imported products subject compliance with technical regulations.

Mexico Standards, Regulatory, and Technical Requirements
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Mexico National Quality Infrastructure Program

The National Quality Infrastructure Program is the official document used to plan, inform, & coordinate standardization activities, public and private.

Wholesale Trade Mexico Conformity Assessment
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Mexico Medical Devices

The Mexican medical devices sector represents an important market for U.S. exporters.  

Medical Devices Mexico Export Controls
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Mexico Labeling Requirements

Mexico recently made important changes to the application of labeling requirements.  

Wholesale Trade Mexico Export Regulations
Market Intelligence
Mexico Recycling Machinery

Plastic recycling machinery will be in demand in Mexico for the next few years, especially machinery that can be integrated into the production process and is capable of producing high-purity, near-prime pellets.

Plastic Materials and Resins Mexico Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Mexico Plastic Recyclables

Mexico’s demand for recyclable plastic waste is substantial, which provides sales opportunities for U.S. small or medium sized exporters (SMEs).   Excluding polyethylene terephthalate (PET), an export market worth USD 19 million could be a niche market for U.S. plastic exporters. 

Plastic Materials and Resins Mexico Export Potential