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The Advocacy Center Helps U.S. Companies Win Foreign Government Procurements


Improve your chances of winning a foreign government procurement by working early in the process with the Advocacy Center. Assistance is available to U.S. businesses across industry for projects ranging from small contracts to large multi-year efforts. Each year, trillions of dollars in foreign government procurement opportunities are put out for competitive bidding. 

Watch this video to learn about foreign government procurement.


Working with the Advocacy Center

Learn about the Advocacy Center and how to apply for help.
Advocacy Center Services
What is U.S. Government advocacy assistance? How do we advocate on your behalf to foreign governments?
Multilateral Development Banks and Contacts
MDBs finance development projects worth billions of dollars. We have MDB Liaison Officers at each Bank to assist U.S. companies identify opportunities.
Advocacy Center Contacts
Already doing business in a country? Hear about a potential foreign procurement opportunity? Before pursuing it, talk to the Advocacy Center.
How to Apply for Advocacy
Advocacy assistance is offered on a case by case basis. Unfamiliar with the application process? Contact us to discuss your opportunity before applying.
Advocacy FAQs
Got a question about applying? Find answers to the most common Advocacy Center questions.
U.S. Government Advocacy Policy
Read Advocacy Guidelines on how advocacy applications are evaluated. Learn why the U.S. Government Advocacy assistance program was established.