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Market Intelligence
Greece Audiovisual Sector Incentives

Creative Greece - Rebranding the cash rebate 

Media and Entertainment Greece
Market Intelligence
Poland Media and Entertainment co-financing opportunities for film productions

The Warmia-Masuria Film Fund will begin accepting applications for co-financing of film productions on August 1, 2024.

Film Industry Poland International Cooperation
Market Intelligence
South Korea Performing Arts Market

There is a growing opportunity to provide services to provide entertainment services to South Korean audiences, domestic and foreign.

Performing Arts South Korea Economic Development
Market Intelligence
Germany Media and Entertainment Filmed Industry Export Market

Germany is a large market for filmed entertainment from the U.S. 

Media and Entertainment Germany
Market Intelligence
Germany Video Game Market

The German gaming market is the fifth largest in the world and the largest in Europe. 

Video Games Germany Market Access
Market Intelligence
Qatar Information Technology e-Sports Market Opportunities

The e-sports market is booming and has a promising future in the Middle East’s

Audio-Visual Equipment Qatar Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Panama Media & Entertainment Opportunities

There are a range of opportunities in the country due to its growing economy, diverse population, and strategic location as a hub for international business.

Television Broadcasting Panama
Market Intelligence
Japan Music Market

Japan’s music market is the second largest in the world with total sales in 2022 of USD$2.4 billion; 66% of media is still purchased in physical formats.

Media and Entertainment Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Qatar Printing and Publishing

Qatar presents opportunities for U.S. publishing companies to expand their business in this energy-rich nation.

Book Publishing Qatar Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Italy Modernizing Italy's Aging Soccer Stadiums

Rising U.S. Investment in Italian Soccer Teams May Stimulate Opportunities for U.S. Stadium and Live Entertainment Businesses

Sports Italy
Market Intelligence
Italian Soccer Business

Rising U.S. Investment in Italian Soccer Teams May Create Opportunities for U.S. Sports Businesses

Sports Italy
Market Intelligence
Japan eSports Market

Japan’s eSports market jumped from $2.6m in 2017 to $35m in 2018 and is expected to continue exponential growth to $71m in 2022 and more than $129m by 2025.

Media and Entertainment Japan Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
Ghana Digital Services

Ghana applies value added tax (VAT) and a series of levies to non-resident digital services providers.

eCommerce Industry Ghana Revenues
Market Intelligence
Greece Film Industry

A 40 percent cash rebate offers incentives and has created a positive environment for film production in Greece.

Film Industry Greece
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom Filmed Entertainment and Streaming Market

The UK filmed entertainment and streaming market is a robust and creative environment that is open to U.S. investment, expertise, and content. 

Film Distribution and Licensing United Kingdom