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Market Intelligence
Greece Film Industry

A 40 percent cash rebate offers incentives and has created a positive environment for film production in Greece.

Film Industry Greece
Market Intelligence
Germany Filmed Entertainment Industry

Given its high standard of living and large population, many of whom speak English, Germany is a large market for filmed entertainment from abroad.

Media and Entertainment Germany
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom Filmed Entertainment and Streaming Market

The UK filmed entertainment and streaming market is a robust and creative environment that is open to U.S. investment, expertise, and content. 

Film Distribution and Licensing United Kingdom
Market Intelligence
Slovakia Filmed Entertainment & Streaming

The market for film entertainment, television and streaming services in Slovakia offers opportunity for U.S. producers. 

Film Industry Slovakia
Market Intelligence
Germany Video Game Market

The German gaming market is the fifth largest in the world and the largest in Europe. 

Video Games Germany Market Access
Market Intelligence
Portugal Audio Visual Media

Portugal’s television sector is a highly fragmented constellation of technological formats, content distribution, and consumption practices.

Media and Entertainment Portugal