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Market Intelligence
Burma (Myanmar) Education

Burma’s outbound student rate is increasing steadily, and education service providers eager to collaborate with US colleges and universities.

Education Asia Pacific
Market Intelligence
Burma (Myanmar) Cloud Technology

Burmese companies prefer U.S. cloud solutions over other providers.

Information and Communication Technology Asia Pacific
Market Intelligence
Burma (Myanmar) Franchising

Experienced Burmese franchisees aim to partner with new American franchise brands when the military regime restores the democratically elected government.

Franchising Asia Pacific
Market Intelligence
Burma (Myanmar) Food Testing Requirements

The Myanmar Food and Drug Administration released stringent testing requirements for specific food categories.

Food and Beverage Southeast Asia Testing
Market Intelligence
Burma (Myanmar) Agricultural Equipment and Fertilizer

Burmese agribusiness companies aim to partner with high-quality American agricultural equipment and fertilizer brands.

Agribusiness Asia Pacific