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Market Intelligence
Argentina: New Nutritional Labeling Requirements

The Argentine Government introduces a new nutritional labeling requirement.

Food and Beverage Argentina
Market Intelligence
Argentina Sanitary Emergency Status

Argentina has extended its emergency healthcare measures to combat the pandemic until the end of 2022.

Healthcare Argentina
Market Intelligence
Argentina Extension of Consumer Goods Price Controls

Argentina has extended price controls on over 1,300 consumer products until January 2023.

Consumer Goods Argentina
Market Intelligence
Argentina - Travel and Tourism

Recovering from pandemic-driven travel restrictions and a weak economy, analysts predict strong rebound for Argentine tourists. 

Travel and Tourism Argentina
Market Intelligence
Argentina Renewable Energy

U.S. clean technology exporters in the bioenergy sector should consider monitoring this unique business opportunity in Argentina.

Renewable Energy Argentina
Market Intelligence
Argentina Oil and Gas

U.S. know-how in shale oil and gas development is a unique competitive advantage in Argentina. 

Oil and Gas Argentina
Market Intelligence
Argentina Cybersecurity

Argentine companies invested more than $108M on cybersecurity in 2019, an 8% annual increase that is expected to rise over the next 4 years.

Cybersecurity Argentina