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Market Intelligence
Sweden Electric Vehicles Market Overview

Automotive and smart mobility are key industries in Sweden. Sweden plans to be fossil neutral by 2045 and subsidize environmental vehicle procurement.

Automotive Sweden
Market Intelligence
Sweden Digital Healthcare Services Market Overview

Sweden aims to be the best in the world in offering digital healthcare services by 2025. US software and EHR companies have great opportunities in the market.

Health Information Technology Sweden
Market Intelligence
Sweden Medical Equipment Market

Sweden has a modern, decentralized healthcare system. Opportunities for companies providing innovative, effective technologies for chronic disease treatment.

Medical Devices Sweden
Market Intelligence
Sweden E-commerce Market Overview

Online shopping for both goods and services is increasing in Sweden due largely to convenience, lower prices and better selections.

eCommerce Industry Sweden
Market Intelligence
Sweden eHealth Market

Overview of the Swedish eHealth market’s structure and opportunities. 

Health Information Technology Europe Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Sweden Advanced Manufacturing

Opportunities in the Swedish advanced and smart manufacturing smart, resulting in sustainable and resource-effective production.

Equipment and Machinery Europe Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Sweden Smart Built Environment

Sweden’s built environment market, design and construction, energy-efficient buildings, and distributed energy technologies may be attractive to U.S. firms. 

Design and Construction Europe Exports
Market Intelligence
Sweden Medical Equipment

Sweden’s aging population is fueling demand for healthcare services, opening opportunities for U.S. companies.

Healthcare Services Europe Export Marketing
Market Intelligence
Sweden eHealth

U.S. eHealth companies with globally competitive products and services should consider customizing for the unique Swedish market.

Healthcare Sweden Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Sweden Travel and Tourism

The U.S. Travel Association estimates that spending by international travelers to/in the United States reached $255 billion and directly supported 1.2 million American jobs in 2019.

Travel and Tourism Sweden Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Sweden Smart Built Environment

Sweden’s energy-efficient and sustainable construction market offers good opportunities for U.S. companies in the design and construction sector. 

Building Products Sweden
Market Intelligence
Sweden Advanced Manufacturing Market

Sweden’s strong manufacturing and engineering sector provides ample opportunities for U.S. companies that offer digitalization, AI and machine learning tools. 

3D Printing Sweden Digital Economy
Market Intelligence
Sweden Cybersecurity Market

Swedish cybersecurity has ample opportunities for US companies in application security, identity and access, situational awareness and system recovery. 

Access Control Systems Sweden Information Technology
Market Intelligence
Sweden - Cyber Security Opportunities

In Sweden, the growing awareness of potential threats among businesses and government presents a dynamic business environment for cyber security technologies.

Cybersecurity Sweden Export Potential