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Market Intelligence
Mozambique Infrastructure MCC Opportunities to Support New Bridge Construction in Northern Mozambique

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) has published requests for proposals and information regarding engineering services to develop bridge in Mozambique. 

Design and Construction Mozambique
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Consumer Goods and Strong Trademarks See Growing Demand

The U.S. owns the highest share of trademarks in Mozambique with over 5,850 trademarks highlighting the growing demand for American brands. 

Consumer Goods Mozambique Foreign Trade Remedies
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Biofuels Blending Mandate

The Government of Mozambique mandated that biofuels be blended with gasoline and diesel; a major opportunity for U.S. Companies.

Renewable Fuels Mozambique Renewable Energy Targets
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Foodservice Sector Growth

Mozambique foodservice sector is on the rise because of the country’s tourism boost and mega projects in energy and mining.

Equipment and Machinery Mozambique Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Mozambique MCC Approves Compact II for $500 million in investment

Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is set to enter a Compact II for Mozambique amounting to a $500 million investment.

Design and Construction Mozambique Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Environmental Technologies Urban Water Projects

FIPAG plans to invest USD 1.8 billion to supply or improve urban water access for approximately 9 million residents by 2032.

Urban Planning and Design Mozambique Water Treatment
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Economic Acceleration Package

Mozambique’s Economic Acceleration Package is a set of fiscal and economic policy reforms aimed at stimulating the national economy.

Value-Added Agriculture Mozambique Economic Policy
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Tourism On The Rise

Mozambique saw a rise in tourists visiting the country in the 2022, earning an estimated 5 billion meticals ($78 million) in revenues over that period. 

Resorts Mozambique Biodiversity
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Irrigation Systems

Mozambique aims to mobilize over $4.2 5 billion in conjunction with international donors to strengthen agriculture productivity.

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Mozambique Climate
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Poultry Processing

In 2022, the Government of Mozambique passed legislation which inhibits the clandestine slaughter of chickens for sale. 

Livestock Mozambique Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Digital Governance

The World Bank approved a $150 million Digital Governance and Economy Project (EDGE) aimed towards developing Mozambique’s digital public services.

Telecommunications Equipment Mozambique Public Administration
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Infrastructure Ports and Corridors

Upcoming opportunities for U.S. companies in logistics, infrastructure and technology.

Rail Transportation Mozambique Road Transport
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Local Content Program Training Opportunities

Mozambique’s Local Content Group (LCG) seeks to promote Human Skills Development to Strengthen Local Small and Medium Enterprises and Develop Financing Lines.

Education Mozambique
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Cold Chain

The poor road quality between farmers and sellers create long transit times and decrease product shelf time, enforcing the need for refrigerated transportation.

Distribution and Logistics Mozambique Cold Storage
Market Intelligence
Mozambique: Combating Cancer Initiative

The regional Sub-Saharan Africa initiative to combat cancer helps identify opportunities for U.S. companies to bring life-saving solutions to Mozambique.

Healthcare Services Mozambique Services Barriers