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Market Intelligence
Mozambique Energy - Sasol

Mozambique Natural Gas and LPG Plant development presents opportunities for U.S. suppliers. 

Oil and Gas Mozambique
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Post-Cyclone Reconstruction Plan

Mozambique is vulnerable to hazardous weather events. U.S. companies that can offer sustainable construction solutions are encouraged to consider this market.

Agribusiness Africa Finance
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Cold Storage Technology

U.S. companies that offer cold storage technologies will find growing demand in Mozambique.

Intelligent Transportation Systems Mozambique Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Electric Utility

Mozambique’s state-owned national power utility is undergoing a large-scale transformation program. 

Electricity Infrastructure Mozambique Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Infrastructure Project

The World Bank’s Southern Africa Trade and Connectivity Project will improve trade infrastructure across the Nacala Corridor in Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia.

Building Products Mozambique Infrastructure Development