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Market Intelligence
Tanzania Cold Chain Solutions

Post-harvest losses in Tanzania range from 15 -40 % depending on the type of crop. Cold chain facilities are needed. 

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Sub-Saharan Africa Quality Assurance
Market Intelligence
Tanzania Budget Analysis 2022/23

Among of the main objectives Tanzania’s budget is to build the economy,and reduce poverty and unemployment, especially to the youth.

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Tanzania Government Influence Issues
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Tanzania Water Project

Tanzania received $125.3 million from Africa Development Bank (AfDB) to expand water resources and boost climate resilience in Dodoma region.

Municipal Drinking Water Tanzania Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Tanzania Agricultural Investment

Investment is needed in Tanzania for cold chain storage facilities, processing of crops,  transport, packaging, wholesaling, and retailing of various crops.

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Tanzania Technology Transfer
Market Intelligence
Tanzania Education Overview

Tanzania education sector presents opportunities for U.S. investors.

Distance Learning Tanzania Technology Transfer
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Tanzania Combating Cancer Initiative

Tanzania is a country with many patients presenting HPV related cancers. 

Healthcare Sub-Saharan Africa Market Research
Market Intelligence
Tanzania Aerospace Sector

Tanzania’s aviation sector is experiencing a strong upswing thanks to a growing economy and government efforts to revive the sector.

Aviation Sub-Saharan Africa
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Tanzania ICT in Healthcare

ICT solutions can play an important role in improving healthcare delivery to individuals and communities especially in the rural areas.

Health Information Technology Sub-Saharan Africa Information Sciences