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Market Intelligence
Singapore Precision Medicine Study

Singapore aims to generate 100,000 genomes over a 10-year period

Biopharmaceuticals Singapore
Market Intelligence
Kenya Launches New Ten-Year Digital Masterplan

Four key pillars, digital infrastructure, digital services and data management, digital skills, and driving digital innovation outline the plan.

Information and Communication Technology Kenya
Market Intelligence
El Salvador New Cybersecurity Policy

The new cybersecurity policy creates business opportunities for suppliers of IT products and services and improves the business climate for U.S. providers. 

Cybersecurity El Salvador
Market Intelligence

China sets out goals and priorities for its digital economy.

Information and Communication Technology China
Market Intelligence
Saudi Arabia Cybersecurity

The Saudi National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA) mandates registration process for cybersecurity solution providers.

Cybersecurity Saudi Arabia
Market Intelligence
Saudi Arabia Net Neutrality Regulatory Framework

The Communications & Information Technology Commission (CITC) Published the Net Neutrality Regulations for Public Comments.

Information and Communication Technology Saudi Arabia
Market Intelligence
Ghana Digital Economy

The Ghanaian Government outlines its priorities in the digital/ICT sector for 2022-2023. 

eCommerce Industry Ghana
Market Intelligence
The Philippine Health IT

The Philippines is integrating information technology (IT) into healthcare to implement better programs for enhanced patient care.

Information and Communication Technology Philippines Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Digital Economy

Ethiopia is pursuing a digital transformation strategy to digitize the economy by 2025.

Information and Communication Technology Ethiopia
Market Intelligence
Ghana Digital Payment

Digital payment channels, led by Mobile Money, transform personal finance in Ghana.

Financial Services Ghana
Market Intelligence
Ghana CARES Program

The Ghanaian Government’s industrial development priorities for 2022 and 2023 are outlined in its CARES Progam. 

Agribusiness Ghana Development Plans
Market Intelligence
Turkey Smart City Technologies

Smart City projects in Turkey present opportunities for U.S. technologies with smart applications, particularly in transport and urban services.

Information and Communication Technology Turkey
Market Intelligence
Singapore’s E-Commerce Market

Singapore’s thriving e-commerce market is forecast to rise to US$10 billion by 2026.

eCommerce Industry Singapore
Market Intelligence
Japan Cybersecurity

Recent cyberattacks increase awareness in Japan for the need for cybersecurity preparedness, creating opportunities for U.S. providers.

Information and Communication Technology Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Romania Public Sector Digital Transformation

Romania is investing in cloud computing, cybersecurity, and skills training to advance its public sector recovery and resilience plan.

Information and Communication Technology Romania