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Market Intelligence
Japan Digitalization and Cyberthreats

Japan has launched a new Digital Agency to spur further digitalization across Japanese society, but cyberthreats, particularly ransomware attacks, are growing.

Information and Communication Technology Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Vietnam Digital Economy and Regulatory Challenges

Vietnam’s data-related legislation could negatively impact the development of its digital economy.

Information and Communication Technology Vietnam
Market Intelligence
El Salvador Electronic Signatures

El Salvador reforms establish the Ministry of Economy as the certification authority to control and monitor providers of electronic certification,

eCommerce Industry El Salvador
Market Intelligence
Saudi Arabia Information Communication Technology Sector

Saudi Arabia announced the launch of a major program that supports the country’s Information Communication and Technology (ICT) sector.

eCommerce Industry
Market Intelligence
Singapore Digital and Smart Manufacturing

Singapore companies will increase the use of advanced technologies such as 3D printing to enhance productivity, improve efficiencies, and optimize production.

Information and Communication Technology Singapore
Market Intelligence
Thailand eCommerce market growth

Increased internet and mobile phone use contribute to the growth of eCommerce in Thailand.

eCommerce Industry Thailand Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Canada Opportunities for U.S. Companies in the 5G Ecosystem

The Canadian government auctions 3500 MHz Spectrum offering opportunities for U.S. companies in the 5G ecosystem and enabling technologies.

Information and Communication Technology Canada
Market Intelligence
Qatar Information and Communications Technology Sector

Qatar presents U.S. companies with opportunities in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. 

Information and Communication Technology Qatar Information Management
Market Intelligence
Saudi Arabia Enables 6 GHz Band

Licensing 6 GHz band to unlicensed wireless technology is expected to enhance the Kingdom’s ability to support next-generation Wi-Fi.

Information and Communication Technology Saudi Arabia
Market Intelligence
China's data security law

China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) finalized a new Data Security Law (DSL) which will come into effect on September 1, 2021.

Information and Communication Technology China
Market Intelligence
Kenya Information and Communications Technology

Kenya’s Data Protection Act (DPA) comes into full effect in support of its information and communications technology infrastructure. 

Information and Communication Technology Kenya
Market Intelligence
Taiwan 5G Open RAN Market

Taiwan Provides a Testbed for 5G Open RAN Solutions

Wireless Taiwan Information Technology
Market Intelligence
Uruguay 2025 Digital Agenda

Uruguay’s roadmap for digital development will create opportunities for software and hardware providers, telecom and network services companies.

Health Information Technology Uruguay Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Austria Smart Mobility

Austrian requirements for smart mobility and transport systems offer significant export and collaboration opportunities for innovative U.S. companies.

Information and Communication Technology Austria
Market Intelligence
Italy Healthcare Recovery Plan

U.S. suppliers of medical and digital healthcare technologies are encouraged to explore the Italian healthcare market.

Medical Devices Italy