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Market Intelligence
Egypt’s Foreign Currency Crisis

The Arab Republic of Egypt (Egypt) is experiencing an economic crisis that has resulted in fewer U.S. dollars. 

Financial Services Egypt Economic Conditions
Market Intelligence
The Future of Sustainable Irrigation

The Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation have launched a process to modernize the irrigation systems operating in the country.

Agribusiness Egypt Trade Practices
Market Intelligence
GOEIC Conformity Assessment Program
Exporters to Egypt of regulated products must fulfill certain requirements as per the General Authority for Import and Export Control - GOEIC
Consumer Goods Egypt Trade Practices
Market Intelligence
Pan-African Payment and Settlement System

Africa launches a new system to allow companies in Africa to pay for trade transactions in local currencies.  

Financial Services Africa Finance
Market Intelligence
Egypt's New Customs Facilitation System "NAFEZA"

Egypt launched NAFEZA to facilitate and expedite the review and release of foreign shipments upone their arrival at a port of entry within Egypt. 

Industries Egypt Trade Facilitation
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Egypt Commercial Documents Legalization

Egypt requires the authentication of all commercial documents that originate outside of the country. 

Egypt Export Regulations
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Egypt Port Infrastructure

U.S. logistics management companies may look into providing management services to Egypt’s ports.

Maritime Transportation Egypt
Market Intelligence
Egypt Data Protection

Egypt’s data protection law imposes requirements for data processing, handling of sensitive data, electronic marketing, and cross-border transfer of data.

Cybersecurity Egypt Government, Law and Regulation
Market Intelligence
Egypt Defense and Security

Egyptian Armed Forces (EAF) has embarked on an extensive equipment revitalization program.

Aerospace and Defense Egypt