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Market Intelligence
Korea Cross Border E-commerce Market

The cross border e-commerce market in Korea has increased from $2billion in 2017 to $4.5 billion in 2022, resulting in a 23 % of average annual growth rate.

Consumer Goods South Korea Transport and Logistics
Market Intelligence
Korea Cosmetics Packaging Recycling

Korea’s Saving and Recycling of Resources Act (Recycling Act) bans the usage of plastic materials that are difficult to recycle such as PVC and colored PET bottles. 

Cosmetics and Toiletries Asia Pacific
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Korea Specialty Chemical Market

Market expansion opportunities exist for American chemical companies for IT and electronics materials in Korea.

Chemicals South Korea
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Korea Energy Market LNG

Korea’s energy policy supports a move away from coal and civil nuclear in favor of LNG and renewable. This has implications as the U.S. liquefaction capacity continues to grow.

Oil and Gas Asia Pacific Balance of Trade
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Korea Drone regulation reform

Korean standards on drone delivery and infrastructure to support a safe environment will be established by 2023 and actual delivery operation will start in 2025.

Aerospace and Defense South Korea Business News
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Korea Food Service Franchising

Where you come from matters if you want to enter the Korean Franchise market.

Franchising South Korea Export Marketing
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South Korea Tourism Market

Korea’s tourism market opportunities remain strong. Growth trends are moving toward more diverse travel experiences and optimizing social media landscape. 

Travel and Tourism South Korea Trade Development