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Market Intelligence
Vietnam Wind Power Sector

Wind power is among Vietnam’s priorities in the clean energy transition. It is estimated that 8.6% of Vietnam’s land mass could be used for wind power. 

Wind Energy Vietnam
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Vietnam Solar Power Sector

Vietnam has been leading in solar power development in the ASEAN region. The solar power sector grew strongly, with a new capacity estimated at 17.6 GW in 2021.

Solar Energy Vietnam
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Vietnam Energy Sector

Vietnam is one of Asia’s fastest-growing energy markets. Vietnam expects power consumption to grow from 10% annually until 2030. 

Energy Vietnam
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Vietnam Franchising

The franchising model in Vietnam has expanded to more than 262 registered foreign brands in multiple sectors since its arrival in this country in the 1990s.

Franchising Vietnam
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Vietnam Aviation

Vietnam’s aviation has made a strong recovery, presenting potential opportunities for U.S. companies, especially in airport infrastructure.

Aviation Vietnam
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Vietnam: Cybersecurity Data Localization Requirements

Decree 53/2022/ND-CP elaborates on the data retention requirements for domestic and foreign enterprises.

Cybersecurity Vietnam
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Vietnam Education Sector

The education technology (EdTech) market in Vietnam has great potential and is accelerating in recent years.

Educational Technology Vietnam
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Vietnam Electric Vehicle Industry

The electric vehicle (EV) market in Vietnam is in its infancy, yet there is potential for significant growth. 

Automotive Vietnam Trade Opportunities
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Vietnam Energy Efficiency

Vietnam has a plan for energy efficiency improvementsto to ensure national energy security.

Energy Vietnam
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Vietnam Cold Storage Rental Surges

Vietnam faces a shortage of cold storage facilities and rental prices have skyrocketed in the past 2 years. 

Industries Vietnam Cold Storage
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Vietnam: Outlook for U.S. Travel & Tourism

Despite the being severely affected by the pandemic, the U.S. travel & tourism industry has shown signs of recovery with regards to the Vietnamese market.

Travel and Tourism Vietnam
Market Intelligence
Vietnam Renewable Energy Options

There is a gradual shift towards renewable energy in Vietnam alongside the conventional power generation industry.

Renewable Energy Vietnam
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Vietnam Medical Device Registration

Vietnam’s Ministry of Health is responsible for the implementation of legislative documents, strategies, policies and plans regarding medical devices.

Medical Devices Vietnam
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Vietnam Green Port Opportunities

Vietnam is a promising market for ocean industry with a seaport system of 286 terminals and coastline length of over 3260 km.

Ports Infrastructure and Services Vietnam
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Vietnamese Cold Chain Food Market

The COVID-19 pandemic has boosted demand for cold chain food development, increased trade opportunities for U.S. agricultural machinery and equipment suppliers.

Agribusiness Vietnam