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Market Intelligence
South Africa Electric Vehicles

 South Africa needs to adapt and include the provision of electric vehicles in the local market which may create opportunities for U.S. firms and consultants.

Automotive South Africa
Market Intelligence

Cape Town has a long history of responding to the climate challenge in a progressive and technically sound manner.

Environmental Technology South Africa Environmental Management
Market Intelligence
South Africa’s e-sports and gaming

The youth population is critical to the future of gaming and esports. Half of the population on the African continent will be under the age of 24 by 2050. 

Toys and Games South Africa
Market Intelligence
South Africa Transnet Freight Rail

Transnet Freight Rail plans to open its network to private operators.

State Owned Enterprises South Africa Information Management
Market Intelligence
South Africa Fresh Water Crisis

In water-scarce South Africa, fresh water is decreasing in quality because of increased pollution and the destruction of river catchments.

Water and Wastewater South Africa Environment and Natural Resources
Market Intelligence
South Africa Open Radio Access Networks (RAN)

Open Radio Access Networks (RAN) is a relatively new approach to building mobile networks that are needed to connect smartphones and devices to the internet. 

Telecommunications Equipment South Africa Information Technology
Market Intelligence
South African information technology for wide area networks

South African Information Technology sector is the growing as options for wide area networks are increasing. 

Information and Communication Technology South Africa Information Technology
Market Intelligence
South Africa Healthcare Research

South Africa announces the establishment of a Technology Innovation Cluster.

Healthcare South Africa Trade Development
Market Intelligence
South Africa Personal Information Act

A new law on the protection of personal information has been passed in South Africa. 

South Africa Government, Law and Regulation