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Market Intelligence
Greece Semiconductors Industry

Greek Semiconductor Strategy within the framework of the EU Chips Act.

Electronics Greece
Market Intelligence
Greece Tourism Projects

Greece 2.0 National Recovery and Resilience Plan to fund key Tourism Projects.


Travel and Tourism Greece
Market Intelligence
Greece Electricity Infrastructure Investment Opportunities

Greece is now trying to catch up on needed investments as it positions itself to become an energy hub for the region


Smart Grid Greece
Market Intelligence
Greece Digital Transformation plan

Digital Transformation Moves Forward in Greece with Administration Commitments and Signature Projects

System Infrastructure Software Greece
Market Intelligence
Greece Cyber Security Strategy

Greece’s ongoing digital transformation initiated by the Greek government, is documented in the “Digital Transformation Bible” plan for 2020-2025.

Cybersecurity Greece
Market Intelligence
Greece Healthcare “Beating Cancer” Plan

European “Beating Cancer” Plan: how Greece plans to tackle the entire disease pathway, and opportunities for U.S. companies.


Healthcare Services Greece
Market Intelligence
Greece Healthcare Industry

Greece’s Private Health Initiative and opportunities for U.S. firms in the Healthcare industry. 


Health Information Technology Greece
Market Intelligence
Greece Ports and Shipyards

Privatization of Greek Ports and Shipyards and opportunities for U.S. shipping firms

Ports Infrastructure and Services Greece
Market Intelligence
Greece Defense Sector

Greek defense procurements could be opportunities for the U.S. defense industry.

Aviation Greece
Market Intelligence
Greece LNG Market

Greece has been positioning itself to become an energy hub for the region since 2016, with a series of projects to prepare for such efforts. 

Renewable Energy Greece
Market Intelligence
Greece Film Industry

A 40 percent cash rebate offers incentives and has created a positive environment for film production in Greece.

Film Industry Greece
Market Intelligence
Greece Railway System

A $4.5 billion upgrade is underway for the Greek railway network.

Rail Transportation Greece Railway Transport
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Greece Wildfire National Strategy

The 2021 wildfires in Greece devastated over 125,000 hectares of land and followed a historic heatwave (116.8 F). 

Firefighting and Rescue Equipment Greece Trade Development