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Market Intelligence
India Water and Wastewater Treatment Sector

India’s water and wastewater treatment market, expected to grow to over $18 billion by 2026, offers export opportunities for U.S. water technology companies.

Water and Wastewater South Asia Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Ghana Energy Efficiency

Ghana implements World Bank-funded smart meter project to improve revenue collection in the energy sector. 

Electricity Infrastructure Africa Environment and Natural Resources
Market Intelligence
Australia Purified Recycled Water

Australia’s water management utilities are exploring potable and non-potable purified recycled water to address water scarcity and ensure long-term resilience.

Water and Wastewater Australia Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
UK CCUS Supply Chain Opportunities

The UK government is taking steps to develop a commercial and competitive Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS) market.

Carbon Capture Utilization and Sequestration United Kingdom
Market Intelligence
Greece Water Market overview 2024

Planned Upgrades of water infrastructure in the Greek Market 

Water and Wastewater Greece
Market Intelligence
Brazil Engineering Equipment and Services needed for Dam remediation

Massive flooding & landslides triggered by days of heavy rain in the state of Rio Grande do Sul have put at least five dam structures at risk of collapse.

Environmental Remediation Brazil Environmental Management
Market Intelligence
Israel Infrastructure Pipeline Opportunities for U.S. Industry

Israel’s Infrastructure Pipeline: Opportunities for the U.S. Industry

Design and Construction Israel
Market Intelligence
New Zealand Water Treatment

In New Zealand, opportunities persist for water monitoring and testing technology.

Water and Wastewater New Zealand
Market Intelligence
Fiji Water and Wastewater Sector

U.S. companies offering engineering, consulting or technology solutions may consider partnering with Fiji engineering firms on Water and Wastewater projects.

Water and Wastewater Fiji Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
India HVAC Sector

The HVAC sector in India is poised for significant growth, offering increased opportunities for U.S. companies in HVAC industry.

HVAC Equipment Asia Pacific Export Potential
Market Intelligence
West Bank Environmental Technology Solid Waste Management

West Bank: Solid Waste Management

Waste Management and Recycling West Bank and Gaza
Market Intelligence
Indonesia Carbon Capture Storage

Indonesia seeks to become a market leader as a Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCS) hub.

Oil and Gas Indonesia Climate
Market Intelligence
Ghana Energy Transition Plan

Ghana launches an ambitious plan to reach net zero emissions. 

Civil Nuclear Power Africa Climate
Market Intelligence
Ghana Energy Voluntary Carbon Markets

Ghana has developed a comprehensive regulatory framework or carbon markets. 

Environmental Technology Africa Environment and Natural Resources
Market Intelligence
Kazakhstan Environmental Technology Waste Management Opportunities

Kazakhstan Solid Waste Opportunities

Municipal Solid Waste Kazakhstan