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Market Intelligence
Brazil Mining Sector

Brazil’s mining sector revenue increased 62% in 2021. The sector remains an excellent prospect for U.S. companies supplying the mining sector. 

Environmental Technology Brazil
Market Intelligence

China’s battle for ‘Blue Skies’ and ‘Clear Water’ will continue to present opportunities for U.S. environmental companies.

Environmental Technology China
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Cape Town has a long history of responding to the climate challenge in a progressive and technically sound manner.

Environmental Technology South Africa Environmental Management
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Austria Public Transportation

Austria will invest $250 million for zero-emission buses, opening opportunities for battery-powered & hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, parts & services.

Energy Austria Transport and Logistics
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Turkey Environment & Water

This article covers opportunities for U.S. companies in the environmental infrastructure in Turkey.

Water and Wastewater Turkey
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Ghana Mining Sector

Ghana seeks environmental technologies to manage mine tailings for the development of its nascent critical minerals sector.   

Industrial Waste Water Ghana Dangerous Substances
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Singapore Coastal Protection

Singapore’s water authority is seeking emerging sensor technologies. 

Environmental Technology Singapore
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Hong Kong Waste Management

Hong Kong’s waste crisis open doors to U.S. waste management firms.

Waste Management and Recycling Hong Kong
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Singapore Green Initiative

Singapore Government pushes towards sustainability under the Singapore Green Plan 2030.

Environmental Remediation Singapore
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El Salvador Water Resources Law

A new water law creates an opportunity for U.S. suppliers of water products, equipment, and technology in El Salvador. 

Water and Wastewater El Salvador
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Tanzania Water Project

Tanzania received $125.3 million from Africa Development Bank (AfDB) to expand water resources and boost climate resilience in Dodoma region.

Municipal Drinking Water Tanzania Export Potential
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South Africa Fresh Water Crisis

In water-scarce South Africa, fresh water is decreasing in quality because of increased pollution and the destruction of river catchments.

Water and Wastewater South Africa Environment and Natural Resources
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Malaysia Guidelines for Wastepaper and Scrap Metal

Malaysia enacts new guidelines for wastepaper and scrap metal.

Waste Management Services Malaysia Import Regulations
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China’s 2022-2025 action plan for the environmental machinery industry plans to develop five technology areas.

Environmental Technology China
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Taiwan Net-Zero Emissions By 2050

Taiwan is now developing revisions to laws that will incorporate net-zero emissions targets by 2050.

Environmental Technology Taiwan Climate