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Market Intelligence
UAE Water Project Opportunities

UAE’s water shortage and increased demand present opportunities for U.S. exporters in water technologies.

Water and Wastewater United Arab Emirates Environment and Natural Resources
Market Intelligence
India: Opportunities for U.S. Biodegradable and Compostable Resin Manufacturers

The Government of India’s recent policy restricting the use of single use plastics to curb pollution, offers immense opportunities for the U.S. resin suppliers.

Plastic Products South Asia Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Brazil Water and Wastewater Opportunities

The privatization of utilities in Brazil is forecast to increase investment in Brazils water and wastewater sector.

Water and Wastewater Brazil
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Green Building Council

U.S. green building & design firms interested in marketing products/services in Hong Kong are encouraged to list in Eco-Product Directory.

Design and Construction Hong Kong Market Access
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Environmental Technology

The 16th Eco Expo Asia (EEA) will take place October 27-30, 2021 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Air Pollution Control Hong Kong
Market Intelligence
Singapore: Electric Buses & Cars for Public Transport

Singapore plans to deploy new fully electric buses for public transportation by 2040.

Automotive Singapore
Market Intelligence
Saudi Arabia Carbon Trading Platform

A carbon exchange platform is launched for the Middle East and North Africa to create new trading opportunities in Saudi Arabia. 

Air Pollution Control Saudi Arabia
Market Intelligence
Saudi Arabia Recycling And Waste Management

Saudi Arabia’s growing focus on a cleaner environment creates numerous opportunities for specialized U.S. companies in this emerging industry.

Recycling Saudi Arabia
Market Intelligence
Singapore Sustainable Clean Energy

Singapore makes energy intensive industries more carbon efficient.

Energy Singapore
Market Intelligence
Singapore Green Plan Development

Singapore develops a Blueprint for 2030 Green Plan to halve carbon emissions and achieve next-zero emissions.

Environmental Technology Singapore
Market Intelligence
New Zealand Agribusiness & Farm Water

Demand for fresh water resources technology, essential to New Zealand’s farming community, presents potential export opportunities for U.S. producers. 

Agribusiness New Zealand Export Potential
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom Climate Initiatives

The United Kingdom announced a number of initiatives and funding sources to support the reduction of carbon emissions by 78% over the next 15 years. 

Environmental Monitoring United Kingdom Environment and Natural Resources
Market Intelligence
Guatemala Water Treatment Regulation

Imported technology is needed to implement water treatment plants in Guatemala’s 340 municipalities by May 2024.

Water Treatment Services Guatemala
Market Intelligence
Taiwan Water Scarcity Challenges

Taiwan’s acute drought presents opportunities for U.S. water-technology suppliers.

Environmental Remediation Taiwan Environment and Natural Resources
Market Intelligence
Guatemala Water Treatment Infrastructure

Plans to improve water treatment in Guatemala represent potential for U.S. companies seeking commercial opportunities in this sector.

Water Treatment Services Guatemala