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Trade Missions
Participate in an official trade mission to help your business sell and find partners in a new market.

Trade Missions

Add a Trade Mission to Your Export Strategy

Trade missions are led by U.S. Department of Commerce industry experts and designed for U.S. businesses who will travel to target countries. Each year, numerous U.S. companies participate in U.S. Department of Commerce-organized trade missions.

These missions can save companies valuable time and resources by maximizing contact with prospective distributors, sales representatives, or partners. Face-to-face meetings, especially when facilitated by senior U.S. government officials, can make a good impression with foreign buyers.

Trade Mission Benefits

Organized with in-country commercial staff at U.S. Embassies and Consulates abroad, you can leverage new trade leads, partnering opportunities, and international sales. Additional benefits include:

  • One-to-one meetings with foreign industry executives and government officials, pre-screened to match your specific business objectives whether for representation, direct sales, or joint ventures in the local market.
  • Networking events with guests from local industry multipliers including chambers of commerce, associations, and business councils influential in the business community.
  • Briefings and roundtables with the legal and business community on local business practices and opportunities.
  • Site visits to local facilities where your technologies/services may be applied.
  • ​Media coverage.


Trade Mission Testimonials

Byron Carroll, Founder and President of Carroll International, participated in the Cyber Security Trade Mission to South America in 2022. Watch his video testimonial to learn about his experience attending the trade mission.


“PhDsoft Technology was proud to be part of the Minority Mission in May 2022. It has opened new opportunities which we continue to pursue, but also allowed us to learn about the European market (Italy, Spain, and Portugal). We now have a more effective strategy to penetrate this market due to our understanding and connections. It saved us time and money in market research and networking. PhDsoft is already presenting our technology to large European companies, this would have taken much longer if we hadn’t had the support of the US Commercial Service, the Texas International Trade (EDT office of governor) and of course have joined the Minority Mission.”

- Rosana Ellis, C.O.O.
  PhDsoft Technology

Map of the World with All Flags in Background
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