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Market Intelligence
Greece Design and Construction Over 20 billion euros for 2024 Infrastructure projects

Over 20 billion euros for the 2024 - Infrastructure projects

Design and Construction Services Greece
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia to Open Real Estate Sector to Foreign Investors

Ethiopia’s opening real estate sector creates groundbreaking opportunities for U.S. firms interested in the country’s large and fast-growing domestic market.

Design and Construction Ethiopia Infrastructure Development
Market Intelligence
Chile Infrastructure Opportunities

The Chilean government’s 2024-2028 infrastructure plans provide opportunities for U.S. companies.

Construction Services Chile Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Saudi Arabia Design and Construction Red Sea Global Project Opportunities

The Red Sea project is a flagship tourism development along Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast.

Travel and Tourism Saudi Arabia
Market Intelligence
Saudi Arabia Design and Construction Neom Project Opportunities

Neom is Saudi Arabia’s futuristic flagship business and tourism development on the Red Sea coast, spanning an area nearly the size of Belgium.

Travel and Tourism Saudi Arabia
Market Intelligence
Japan World Expo Osaka 2025 USA Pavilion Design

The design and theme of the USA Pavilion at Expo 2025 Osaka, “Imagine What We Can Create Together” was revealed.

Business and Professional Services Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Mexico World Cup 2026 Opportunities

Upcoming FIFA World Cup 2026 will open numerous business opportunities in Mexico for U.S. firms. 

Construction Technology Mexico
Market Intelligence
China Construction Industry

Chins is promoting the renewal of construction and municipal infrastructure facilities. 

Design and Construction China
Market Intelligence
Israel Infrastructure Pipeline Opportunities for U.S. Industry

Israel’s Infrastructure Pipeline: Opportunities for the U.S. Industry

Design and Construction Israel
Market Intelligence
Dominican Republic Construction Industry Poised for Rebound: Opportunities for U.S. Companies

DR construction rebounds as low-cost housing & government projects drive growth. Opportunities abound thanks to CAFTA-DR.

Building Products Dominican Republic Export Potential
Market Intelligence
India HVAC Sector

The HVAC sector in India is poised for significant growth, offering increased opportunities for U.S. companies in HVAC industry.

HVAC Equipment Asia Pacific Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Saudi Arabia Construction Sector Opportunities

The construction market in Saudi Arabia has emerged as a leader in the Middle East and North Africa with an estimated size of USD 70.33 billion in 2024.

Design and Construction Saudi Arabia
Market Intelligence
Guyana Infrastructure Sector

Market Intelligence report - Guyana Infrastructure Sector 

Design and Construction Guyana
Market Intelligence
South Africa Design and Construction Affordable Housing Opportunities

Affordable Housing Opportunities in South Africa

Construction Technology South Africa Infrastructure Development
Market Intelligence
Italy: Landslide, Flood Management and Prevention

Opportunities may exist for hydro and geologic risk prevention, monitoring, engineering, land consolidation and reclamation.

Safety and Security Italy