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Market Intelligence
Germany Financial Technology "FinTech"

The market for “FinTech” is expected to continue grow in Germany as the country offers the necessary digital infrastructure and consumer appetite. 

Financial Services Germany Information Management
Market Intelligence
Indonesia Digital Banking

Indonesia is facing rapid growth in digital banking as new rules from the Financial Services Authority allow for near-full foreign ownership of local tenders.

Banking Indonesia Banks
Market Intelligence
El Salvador Adopts Bitcoin as Legal Tender

Legislators voted to approve the Bitcoin Law. Market demand for supportive technology is expected to increase.

Banking El Salvador
Market Intelligence
UK Financial Technology (FinTech) Kalifa Review Published

The UK FinTech Review led by Ron Kalifa, launched in July 2020, has been published.

Financial Services United Kingdom
Market Intelligence
Singapore Funds New Infrastructure

The Singapore government will issue $68 billion in new bonds to finance long-term infrastructure projects. 

Energy Singapore Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
Singapore Digital Bank Licenses

There are excellent opportunities for U.S. vendors to supply technological solutions to digital banks in Singapore.

Financial Services Singapore Finance
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom Financial Technology Review

The United Kingdom’s Financial Technology Industry’s Review is Underway.  

Financial Technology United Kingdom
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Financial Market

Hong Kong’s financial services sector is a promising market for U.S. financial technology companies.

Financial Services Hong Kong Finance
Market Intelligence
Saudi Arabia Blockchain Technology

Saudi banks will be using blockchain technology for money transfers. 

Banking Saudi Arabia Banks
Market Intelligence
Brazil Open Banking

The Brazilian Central Bank released guidelines to guide the regulation of open banking in Brazil, scheduled to be put into practice starting in the second half of 2020. 

Banking Brazil Finance
Market Intelligence
Indonesia E-Wallet Market

Digital payments are trending upward in Indonesia. 

Financial Technology Indonesia Finance
Market Intelligence
Poland Mobile Banking

Poland’s mobile banking market has been growing dynamically and is considered one of the most developed in the world. 

Banking Poland Finance
Market Intelligence
Poland Payment Card Market

The payment card market in Poland is growing. 

Financial Services Poland Payment
Market Intelligence
Spain Blockchain Technology

Spain is investing in blockchain technology and proposes legislation for tax incentives for those sectors adopting blockchain technology. 

Financial Technology Spain Supply Chain