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Market Intelligence
Malaysia Fintech Growth

Malaysia’s fintech growth beckons U.S. tech firms with opportunities in mobile payments, digital wallets, blockchain, and collaborative partnerships

Cybersecurity Malaysia Export Financing
Market Intelligence
African Continental Free Trade Area Investment Protocol

AfCFTA Parties Approve Investment Protocol

Food and Beverage North Africa African Continental Free Trade Area
Market Intelligence
Singapore Banking New Outsourcing Requirements

Significant enhancement of the regulatory framework to take effect from December 11, 2024.

Financial Services Singapore
Market Intelligence
Saudi Arabia Financial Services New Insurance Regulatory Body Launched

Significant opportunities for U.S. insurance companies who have a strong reputation for innovative products, transparency, and high-quality customer service.


Insurance Services Saudi Arabia
Market Intelligence
Brazil Tax Reform

Most goods and services will see a significant drop in tax with most taxed around 27.5% making US exports more competitive.

Financial Services Brazil Import Regulations
Market Intelligence
Turkey Financial Services The Future of Cryptocurrency Market

The Future of Cryptocurrency Market in Türkiye

Financial Services Turkey Finance
Market Intelligence
El Salvador Fintech Strategy

El Salvador’s recent FinTech strategy lays out the future technical regulations necessary to open opportunities to the financial technology industry.

Financial Services El Salvador
Market Intelligence
Ghana Pan African Payments Settlement System (PAPSS) Update

Intra-African payment system continues to grow, extending to 10 African Central Banks and dozens of African commercial banks.

Financial Services Ghana Payment
Market Intelligence
Ghana Tech Startup Ecosystem

Ghana’s Tech Start-Up Ecosystem is driving innovation and needs strategic partners.

Information and Communication Technology Ghana Digital Economy
Market Intelligence
Mexico Financial Technologies

With over 650 fintechs, Mexico is currently the largest fintech market in Latin America after Brazil and Colombia.

Banking Mexico Financial Market
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Permitted Offshore Account

Learn more about how Ethiopia approves the use of offshore bank accounts for strategic investments.

Banking Ethiopia Foreign Trade Regulations
Market Intelligence
Brazil Tax Reform Advances in Congress

Learn about new opportunities for U.S. exporters with a possible tax simplification in the country of Brazil.

Banking Brazil
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom FinTech Market Opportunities

UK investment in 2021 reached $11.6 billion, which is undoubtedly a driving force behind the strong UK fintech ecosystem. 

Financial Services United Kingdom
Market Intelligence
Egypt’s Foreign Currency Crisis

The Arab Republic of Egypt (Egypt) is experiencing an economic crisis that has resulted in fewer U.S. dollars. 

Financial Services Egypt Economic Conditions
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Fintech Sector

Ethiopia liberalizes the Fintech Sector to attract foreign digital financial service providers.

Financial Services Ethiopia Finance