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Market Intelligence
Thailand Medical Device

Thailand’s closer alignment with ASEAN Medical Device Directive brings about standardized medical device regulations focusing on patient safety. 

Medical Devices Thailand Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Thailand Smart Grid

Thailand’s 20-year Smart Grid Master Plan opens opportunities for U.S. companies to provide cost-effective technologies for a greener energy future.

Renewable Energy Thailand Exports
Market Intelligence
Thailand Airport Capacity

U-Tapao Airport expansion creates opportunities for aircraft repair, and developments of airport city and commercial areas.

Airport and Ground Support Equipment Thailand Export Strategy
Market Intelligence
Thailand eCommerce market growth

Increased internet and mobile phone use contribute to the growth of eCommerce in Thailand.

eCommerce Industry Thailand Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Thailand Personal Care and Beauty Products

Thai distributors seek personal care and beauty products to add to their product offerings in this growing market.

Cosmetics and Toiletries Thailand Export Potential