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Market Intelligence
Italy Information Technology National Strategic Hub Cloud Services

Opportunities for Cloud Products and Services in the Italian Digitalization Process.

Cloud Computing Italy Data Processing
Market Intelligence
Italy Aerospace and Defense Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

Italy’s advanced air mobility (AAM) project will create an ecosystem for interurban commercial transport, freight transport and more.

Airports Italy Conformity Assessment
Market Intelligence
Italy Automotive Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle sales grow in Italy, but the charging infrastructure is not fit to meet demand. This may be an opportunity for U.S. firms in this supply chain.

Automotive Italy
Market Intelligence
Italy Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) to the United States

The U.S. Government investment attraction program SelectUSA can help U.S. Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) in attracting Italian investments. 

Regional Economic Development Italy Foreign Direct Investment
Market Intelligence
Italy Bioplastics Market: Opportunities for U.S. Companies

Demand for new bioplastic materials and innovative processing technologies is high and contributes to the European and Italian plastics circular economy policy.

Plastic Materials and Resins Italy Biodiversity
Market Intelligence
Italy Interior Design and Furnishing Sector

U.S. companies supplying innovative and sustainable interior design and furnishing items can find opportunities in Italy.

Design and Construction Italy
Market Intelligence
Italy Modernizing Italy's Aging Soccer Stadiums

Rising U.S. Investment in Italian Soccer Teams May Stimulate Opportunities for U.S. Stadium and Live Entertainment Businesses

Sports Italy
Market Intelligence
Italian Soccer Business

Rising U.S. Investment in Italian Soccer Teams May Create Opportunities for U.S. Sports Businesses

Sports Italy
Market Intelligence
Italy Energy Growth in Renewables

Renewables are key to Italy’s energy independence and carbon reduction targets.  Installation of new renewable plants are creating opportunities for U.S. firms.

Solar Energy Italy
Market Intelligence
Italy Energy Offshore Wind

Inauguration of first Italian offshore wind plant, auctions for offshore wind power and bureaucratic simplifications may create opportunities for U.S. firms.

Wind Energy Italy
Market Intelligence
Italy Blue Economy

Italy is a country of maritime vocation par excellence and the third largest blue economy in Europe.

Ports Infrastructure and Services Italy
Market Intelligence
Italy Firearms Legal Framework

Understand firearms licensing in Italy and the legal framework for their importation.

Firearms and Accessories Italy
Market Intelligence
Italy: Cyber Security and Government Procurement

Understand the Italian Government qualification process for software solutions companies wishing to become suppliers to the public administration.

Cybersecurity Italy
Market Intelligence
Italy Medical Technologies Recovery Plan

U.S. companies supplying medical and digital health technologies may find opportunities in Italy.

Medical Devices Italy
Market Intelligence
Italy 3D Printing

Italy is a major European market for 3D printing.  U.S. suppliers of additive manufacturing technologies are encouraged to explore the Italian market.

3D Printing Italy