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Industry Monitoring and Analysis


Industry Monitoring and Analysis Unit (IMAU)

IMAU Feature: What does our office do? 

Industry Monitoring and Analysis Unit administers the Department’s import licensing programs and the publicly available import monitoring systems.  Since more than half of the on-going U.S. trade remedy actions involve an aluminum or steel product, there is significant interest in following timely imports into the large U.S. market.   This site provides stakeholders with valuable information about both the aluminum and steel industry trends with a focus on U.S. imports.  The information regarding these industries is provided from both a domestic (U.S.) and global perspective to enable stakeholders to make informed decisions about trends in these industries.  Through interactive aluminum and steel import monitors stakeholders can track near current trends for imports for these industries.  We also provide several steel industry reports with unique data visualizations that provide insights into the industry performance both domestically and globally. 

Aluminum Import Monitoring and Analysis
Steel Import Monitoring and Analysis
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