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Resolve a Trade Problem
Find government services that help U.S. businesses resolve common trade problems.

Resolve a Trade Problem

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Advocating for U.S. Businesses Overseas
The Center coordinates U.S. Government advocacy efforts for U.S. companies bidding on public-sector contracts with overseas governments and government agencies
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Resolve a Trade Barrier
Are you encountering a trade barrier in a foreign market?
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Commercial Diplomacy
Engages directly with foreign governments to advance and protect your business interests
U.S. Antidumping & Countervailing Duties

Are you facing unfairly traded imports, or need additional information regarding ongoing trade remedy proceedings?

Foreign Trade Remedy Actions

Are you involved in a foreign trade remedy investigation, or would like to know if your products are subject to additional foreign duties?

Foreign Government Subsidies

Do you want to know more about foreign government subsidy practices?


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Foreign Trade Zones
Interested in more efficient Customs procedures and duty liabilities?
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Protect Your Intellectual Property
Receive information and assistance regarding intellectual property rights such as guides, contact information, Stopfakes Roadshows, and toolkits
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Focus on Global Steel Trade