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Market Intelligence
Chile Information Technology New Cybersecurity Framework Law

 Chile’s 2024 Cybersecurity Framework Law makes Chile the first country in Latin America to establish a cybersecurity agency and regulatory framework. 

Cybersecurity Chile Laws and Regulations
Market Intelligence
Chile Infrastructure Opportunities

The Chilean government’s 2024-2028 infrastructure plans provide opportunities for U.S. companies.

Construction Services Chile Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Chile Government Lobby Law

Chile’s Lobby Law allows U.S. companies to directly request meetings with Chilean government officials through an open, transparent, and public process.

Defense Equipment Chile
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Chile Marine Technology Seaports Expansion Projects and Concessions

90 percent of Chile’s foreign trade is conducted by sea, underscoring the importance of Chile’s ports as a strategic player in the global trade market.

Ports Infrastructure and Services Chile
Market Intelligence
Chile Mining Opportunity in Latin America’s Lithium Triangle

ENAMI, a salt flat co-owner, is requesting proposals for brine extraction and characterization technologies. RFI closing date is April 20, 2024. 

Inorganic Chemicals Chile Investment
Market Intelligence
Chile Armed Forces Suppliers Registration

U.S. defense companies may register with the Chilean Armed Forces supplier list for market entry. 

Defense Equipment Chile
Market Intelligence
Chile Plastic Packaging

The Chilean plastics industry’s goals to reduce plastic waste and promote recycling by 2025 provide opportunity for U.S. companies. 

Plastic Materials and Resins Chile Government Influence Issues
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Chile 2024 to 2026 Water investment

After more than 10 years of drought, water companies have an important investment plan for climate change, desalinization plants and water reuse problem.

Water and Wastewater Chile Trade Promotion
Market Intelligence
Chile Artificial Intelligence Solutions RFI

Chile’s Subsecretary for the Prevention of Crime has issued a request for information for artificial intelligence solutions to improve public security.

Information and Communication Technology Chile
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Chile National Satellite System

Chile’s National Space Program seeks telecommunications, space, and other commercial sector companies to help develop its satellite system infrastructure.

Space Chile
Market Intelligence
Chile Mining and Rare Earth Elements

Chile’s mining policy aims to eliminate tailing deposits by 2050. Rare earths in such deposits present an opportunity to reduce them in line with Chile’s goals.

Mining Equipment and Machinery Chile
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Chile Waste Management and Recycling

Waste management and recycling technologies are in demand as Chile implements policies to achieve a circular economy by 2040.

Waste Management and Recycling Chile
Market Intelligence
Chile Intelligent Transportation

Santiago’s public transportation authority will release tenders for new technologies integrating the city’s transportation network and reduce carbon emission.

Intelligent Transportation Systems Chile
Market Intelligence
Chile Education Recruitment Opportunities

Chile relaunches government sponsored overseas scholarship program “Becas Chile”.

Education Chile
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Chile - Digital Health

Chile’s digital health sector is challenged to meet security and privacy while providing care. 

Health Information Technology Chile