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Market Intelligence

U.S. health supplement contract manufacturers can find opportunities with private labels in Hong Kong.

Consumer Goods Hong Kong Product Development
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Hospital Bed Demand

The Hong Kong Government allocates USD65 million to provide 15,000 additional hospital beds and 90+ operating theatres to meet projected service demand. 

Healthcare Facilities Asia Pacific Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Regtech and Green Finance

Demand for green finance products is expected to grow significantly, yet regulatory challenges are hindering the widespread acceptance of such products.

Financial Services Asia Pacific Foreign Trade
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Health & Fitness

American fitness franchises are encouraged to consider opportunities in Hong Kong. 

Franchising Hong Kong Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Carbon Market Opportunities

Hong Kong’s Green and Sustainable Finance Cross-Agency Steering Group released a detailed Carbon Market Opportunities Report in March of 2022.

Banking Hong Kong Climate
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Demand for EdTech

Growing edtech demand from Hong Kong Universities presents opportunities for U.S. edtech suppliers.

Educational Technology Hong Kong Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong $6.5 Billion Infrastructure Opportunities

Project opportunity for U.S. design & construction companies. 

Design and Construction Services Hong Kong Infrastructure Development
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Waste Management

Hong Kong’s waste crisis open doors to U.S. waste management firms.

Waste Management and Recycling Hong Kong
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Information and Communications Technology

Hong Kong has an ambitious plan for becoming an international innovation and technology hub. 

Information and Communication Technology Hong Kong Government Influence Issues
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Education Technology

Hong Kong government Covid-19 policies continues to drive significant demand for U.S. education technology (edtech) services.

Educational Technology China
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Decarbonization

Hong Kong presents abundant opportunities for U.S. companies engaging in electricity generation & energy saving, transport and waste.

Environmental Technology Hong Kong Environmental Management
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong’s fencing boom

Demand for fencing equipment presents export opportunities for U.S. fencing suppliers after a Hong Kong win at the Tokyo Olympics. 

Sporting Goods Hong Kong Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Healthcare

Aging population and patients with chronic diseases are prime challenges for HK Government and offers opportunities for U.S. Healthcare Exporters.

Senior Care Services Hong Kong Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Green Building Council

U.S. green building & design firms interested in marketing products/services in Hong Kong are encouraged to list in Eco-Product Directory.

Design and Construction Hong Kong Market Access
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Green Building Is Trending Up

Hong Kong’s growing green construction sector is open to U.S. companies. 

Design and Construction Hong Kong