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Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Healthcare

Aging population and patients with chronic diseases are prime challenges for HK Government and offers opportunities for U.S. Healthcare Exporters.

Senior Care Services Hong Kong Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Nigeria Cancer Diagnostics

Nigerian healthcare professionals in the diaspora and foreign private investors have expressed interest in establishing new cancer treatment facilities.

Healthcare Nigeria
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom England Delivering a Net Zero National Health Service NHS

A recent report by the National Health Service in England offers plans to achieve net zero carbon emissions. 

Healthcare Facilities United Kingdom
Market Intelligence
Algeria's new regulation on Import of Finished Goods

A new regulation on imported finished goods by the Algerian government impacts the Algerian trading system.

Agribusiness Algeria Commercial Law
Market Intelligence
Austria Primary Care Network

Austria invests $110 Million in 90 Primary Care Centers. Opportunities exist in health ICT, furniture, medical imaging, diagnostic & hygiene equipment.

Healthcare Facilities Austria
Market Intelligence
Australia Healthcare

Australia is the ninth-largest export market for U.S. manufacturers of medical products.  

Healthcare Australia Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Sweden eHealth Market

Overview of the Swedish eHealth market’s structure and opportunities. 

Health Information Technology Europe Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Peru's Regulations for Medicines and Biologicals

Peru’s Ministry of Health approved the Regulations for the Conditional Sanitary Registration of Medicines and Biological Products 

Healthcare Peru
Market Intelligence
Indonesia Medical Device Subsidiaries

Indonesia Removes 49 percent Foreign Equity Cap on Medical Device Importers.

Medical Devices Indonesia Investment and Service Barriers
Market Intelligence
Sweden Medical Equipment

Sweden’s aging population is fueling demand for healthcare services, opening opportunities for U.S. companies.

Healthcare Services Europe Export Marketing
Market Intelligence
Vietnam Medical Device Registration

Vietnam’s Ministry of Health is responsible for the implementation of legislative documents, strategies, policies and plans regarding medical devices.

Medical Devices Vietnam
Market Intelligence
Thailand Medical Device

Thailand’s closer alignment with ASEAN Medical Device Directive brings about standardized medical device regulations focusing on patient safety. 

Medical Devices Thailand Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Taiwan’s Telehealth Sector Offers Opportunities for U.S. Solutions

Taiwan is developing its telehealth sector to cope with its rapidly aging population.  

Healthcare Taiwan
Market Intelligence
Japan Bioeconomy Strategy

The Japanese Government’s Bioeconomy Strategy advances biotechnology developments and provides U.S. companies with potential export opportunities.

Healthcare Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Saudi Arabia Procurement Regulations for the Medical Sector

Saudi Arabia’s largest centralized healthcare tender and procurement law guides public procurement.

Healthcare Saudi Arabia Laws and Regulations