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Market Intelligence
Malaysia Healthcare Market for Oncology Products

Malaysia is a Southeast Asia oncology hub presenting opportunities for U.S. pharmaceuticals and medical device manufacturers specializing in oncology

Surgical and Medical Instruments Malaysia Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Singapore Healthcare Hospitals Redevelopment

U.S. healthcare solution providers should look at Singapore’s growing healthcare needs and redevelopment of two key National University Health System hospitals.

Healthcare Facilities Singapore
Market Intelligence
India Hospitals and Healthcare Advancements

India’s changing healthcare sector and roadmap for improved hospitals and healthcare advancements fosters opportunities for U.S. businesses.

Healthcare Services South Asia Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Peru Medical Devices

The growing Peruvian medical device market presents a significant opportunity for U.S. exporters to expand and improve healthcare infrastructure.

Medical Devices Peru
Market Intelligence
Greece Healthcare Genomic & Genetic Technologies

Greece’s biotech sector is rapidly growing, supported by a robust academic and research community

Health Information Technology Greece
Market Intelligence
New Zealand Healthcare

This healthcare snapshot summarizes trends in New Zealand’s public healthcare since the new National-led Government won the October 2023 election.

Healthcare New Zealand Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Australia Oral Health Market

Despite competition, the Australian oral health market offers promise for U.S. firms due to population growth, aging population, and rising disposable incomes.

Dental Equipment and Supplies Australia Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Colombia Healthcare System Uncertainty

Colombia’s largest health insurance companies were placed under government control.

Healthcare Colombia
Market Intelligence
European Commission's efforts to counter unfair market practices by the PRC

The European Commission has taken action in the past several weeks to tackle the PRC’s unfair market practices

Security Technology EU International Trade Law
Market Intelligence
Guatemala Healthcare Medicines and Supplies

A procurement agreement between the Ministry of Health and UNOPS increases competition and provides procurement opportunities to U.S. healthcare companies.

Medical Devices Guatemala
Market Intelligence
India Artificial Intelligence

India presents significant opportunities for U.S. companies looking to leverage AI technologies.

Software Asia Pacific Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Singapore Biotechnology
The Singapore biotechnology market size was valued at $823.5 billion in 2021 according to Market Research Community and is expected to grow 8.0% yearly. 
Biopharmaceuticals Singapore
Market Intelligence
El Salvador Superintendence for Sanitary Regulation

The law creates a new autonomous agency responsible for authorizing processes needed by U.S. companies interested in selling their products in El Salvador.

Healthcare El Salvador
Market Intelligence
Malaysia Digital Health

Malaysia’s Digital Health market is undergoing growth and transformation.

Telemedicine Malaysia Quality Systems
Market Intelligence
Japan Medical Device Software

Japan remains committed to fostering the development and commercialization of Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) through new government initiatives.

Healthcare Japan Government, Law and Regulation