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Market Intelligence
Indonesia Medical Devices

Indonesia’s in-country post-market testing for medical devices is a new requirement about which U.S. healthcare companies should be aware.

Medical Devices Indonesia
Market Intelligence
Panama Telemedicine

Panama has seen the growth of the telemedicine market in recent years. 

Healthcare Panama
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Brazil Clinical Medical Tests at Drugstores

Learn about new opportunities in the healthcare sector as Brazil approves clinical tests to be performed at drugstores and clinics.

Medical Devices Brazil
Market Intelligence
South Korea Healthcare Consulting

More Korean healthcare companies looking to work with U.S. healthcare consulting firms as Korea grows its healthcare exports.

Healthcare South Korea Economic Development
Market Intelligence
Indonesia Halal Certification

Indonesia applies halal certification for medicines, biological products, and medical devices, a policy about which U.S. healthcare companies should be aware.

Healthcare Indonesia
Market Intelligence
Ireland Healthcare Announcement of Publicly Funded Fertility Treatment Services: .

Ireland’s first public fertility treatment program could provide opportunities for approved U.S. companies.

Healthcare Ireland
Market Intelligence
Growing Opportunities in Belgium for U.S. Companies Offering Mobile Health Solutions

Belgium’s Institute for Health and Disability Insurance is implementing new measures for evaluating and financing new mobile health projects faster.

Health Information Exchange Belgium Exports
Market Intelligence
Vietnam Medical Device Registration

In Vietnam’s high growth medical device sector, in-country U.S. companies benefit from a new government decree extending current import licenses through 2024.

Medical Devices Vietnam
Market Intelligence
India Digital Healthcare

India’s roadmap for improved digital medical care presents great opportunities for U.S. healthcare technology providers.

Telemedicine South Asia Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Saudi Arabia Healthcare Industry Reforms

Saudi Arabia Introduces an Ambitious Investment Plan to Transform its Healthcare Sector.

Healthcare Saudi Arabia
Market Intelligence
Japan Healthcare Age Tech

Japan’s aging population provides opportunities for innovative age-tech products to address the shortage of care providers and rising healthcare costs.

Healthcare Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Indonesia Healthcare Law

A new Indonesian Health Law comes into force and holds monumental implications for developing and transforming Indonesia’s healthcare system.

Healthcare Indonesia
Market Intelligence
Burma Healthcare

Burma’s healthcare industry remains resilient amid downturns.

Healthcare Burma
Market Intelligence
Taiwan Precision Healthcare

Taiwan is actively developing its digital healthcare and precision medicine sectors, creating opportunities for U.S. healthcare technology solutions.

Healthcare Taiwan Business Management
Market Intelligence
Thailand Healthcare Products

Thailand’s aging society leads to opportunities for healthcare products.

Healthcare Thailand Export Potential