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Market Intelligence
Singapore Precision Medicine Study

Singapore aims to generate 100,000 genomes over a 10-year period

Biopharmaceuticals Singapore
Market Intelligence
Philippine Dental Sector

The Philippine dental sector is heavily reliant on imported, high-quality equipment to address the increasing demand for services.

Healthcare Philippines Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Slovak Healtchare 2022

Slovak Healthcare will have $ 7.4 billion (€ 6.3 billion) at its disposal with an additional reserve of $ 846 million to mitigate the impact of the pandemic.

Healthcare Slovakia
Market Intelligence
Slovak Dental Sector 2022

Especially promising segments for U.S. suppliers are dental hygiene and dental equipment laser dentistry, implants, and cosmetic/aesthetic dentistry.

Healthcare Slovakia
Market Intelligence
Hungary Diabetes Pumps

In Hungary, there are an estimated 45,000 type 1 diabetes patients (according to the National Health Insurance Fund database).

Medical Devices Hungary Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
Hungary Robotic Surgery

Hungary aims to make robot-assisted surgery accessible to an increased number of patients.

Surgical and Medical Instruments Hungary Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
Nigeria Healthcare Investment

Nigeria plans to build a world-class hospital in the country’s capital, Abuja, as part of efforts to strengthen the country’s underdeveloped healthcare system.

Healthcare Nigeria
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Malaysia Halal Certification

More than 60 percent of the Malaysian population practices Islam as their religion. Malaysia has developed a detailed halal certification for medical devices.

Medical Devices Malaysia Laws and Regulations
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Argentina Sanitary Emergency Status

Argentina has extended its emergency healthcare measures to combat the pandemic until the end of 2022.

Healthcare Argentina
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The Philippine Health IT

The Philippines is integrating information technology (IT) into healthcare to implement better programs for enhanced patient care.

Information and Communication Technology Philippines Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Japan’s Medical Device Market

Japan’s policies promote medical devices and healthcare projects, offering commercial opportunities for U.S. manufacturers of innovative medical devices.

Medical Devices Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
New Zealand Healthcare Update

This article provides an update on the Healthcare Sector in New Zealand. 

Medical Devices New Zealand
Market Intelligence
Philippine Medical Devices

U.S. manufacturers of innovative medical devices and equipment are encouraged to consider the Philippines market.

Medical Devices Philippines Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Ghana Healthcare Insurance

Ghana continues to expand access to healthcare coverage and scope of benefits made available to citizens. 

Healthcare Ghana
Market Intelligence

China’s ‘90-7-3’ senior care model boosts smart elderly care market.

Healthcare China