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Market Intelligence
Guatemala Healthcare Medicines and Supplies

A procurement agreement between the Ministry of Health and UNOPS increases competition and provides procurement opportunities to U.S. healthcare companies.

Medical Devices Guatemala
Market Intelligence
MI_Guatemala_Airline Connectivity Creates New Opportunities for Travel

New Airline and Routes Boost Air Connectivity Between Guatemala and the United States.

Travel and Tourism Guatemala
Market Intelligence
Guatemala Government Procurement

U.S. companies can register their company on Guatecompras and participate in government tenders.

Public Sector Guatemala
Market Intelligence
Construction Materials Demand in a Growing Guatemala City

Guatemalan demand for construction materials is strong since they are not readily available In the market. 

Building Products Guatemala
Market Intelligence
Sustainable Building Initiatives in Guatemala

Promoting Sustainable Building Initiatives in Guatemala: An Opportunity for US Companies.

Design and Construction Guatemala
Market Intelligence
Guatemala Airport PPP Oportunity

Proposal to Streamline Public-Private Partnerships to Address Issues at La Aurora Airport is expected to offer tender opportunities for U.S. companies.

Design and Construction Guatemala Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
Guatemala Agriculture

Agricultural production is a pillar of Guatemala’s economy. There is a need for access to registered molecules, fertilizers, and pesticides in Guatemala.

Agribusiness Guatemala
Market Intelligence
Guatemala Health Sector

The Guatemalan Health sector is complex with many export opportunities for products, pharmaceuticals and services.

Healthcare Guatemala
Market Intelligence
Guatemala Renewable Energy

Guatemala is working on policies to promote efficient energy supply offering opportunities for U.S. companies to provide technology and know-how. 

Renewable Energy Guatemala
Market Intelligence
Guatemala Student Recruitment Strategies

Guatemalan students are attracted to U.S. higher education institutions. 

Higher Education Guatemala
Market Intelligence
Guatemala Franchise Market

After the pandemic, signs of recovery are expected in 2022 in the franchise sector in Guatemala.

Franchising Guatemala
Market Intelligence
Guatemala Fintech Opportunities

U.S. financial technology companies will find opportunities in digital payments, digital credit/lending, and corporate finance management in Guatemala.

Mobile Applications Guatemala
Market Intelligence
Guatemala Prison Infrastructure

The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) approved US$300 million to implement Guatemala’s Justice Sector Investment and Modernization Program.

Construction Services Guatemala
Market Intelligence
Guatemala Travel and Tourism Industry

U.S. Flight Carriers increase operations in Guatemala after the pandemic.

Passenger Transportation Services Guatemala
Market Intelligence
Guatemala Scholarship Program for Graduate Students

A Guatemalan non-profit foundation supports graduate education in U.S. higher education institutions for students with academic excellence.

Higher Education Guatemala