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Market Intelligence
Canada Alberta High-Speed Rail

Alberta’s high-speed rail proposal brings opportunities for U.S. companies.

Rail Transportation Canada
Market Intelligence
Uruguay Capurro Fishing Port Concession

This project is for the concession of a fishing port terminal in the Port of Montevideo. 

Food Processing Equipment Uruguay Sea Transport
Market Intelligence
Singapore Mega Port Shipping Hub of ASEAN

Singapore’s Mega Port is positioned as a Global Transshipment Hub among ASEAN countries. 

Maritime Transportation Singapore
Market Intelligence
Mexico New Invoices and Obligations (CARTA PORTE)

The Carte Porte requirement will be applied to all importation and exportation of goods in transit within Mexican territory.

Export Management Mexico Trade Facilitation
Market Intelligence
China Urban Rail Transit Market

The urban rail transit market in China is experiencing significant growth. 

Rail Transportation China
Market Intelligence
Uruguay Expansion at Montevideo Port

The Government of Uruguay extended the concession of Montevideo’s port container terminal to the Belgium company Katoen Natie, until the year 2080.

Construction Equipment and Machinery South America Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Chile Railroad Infrastructure

A $5 billion railway investment plan will modernize Chile’s railway infrastructure between 2021 and 2027.

Railroad Equipment Chile
Market Intelligence
Mexico Harmonized System (HS) Changes

Public comments are welcome on proposed changes to Mexico’s Harmonized System (HS) of Goods Classification, commonly referred to as HS or tariff codes.

Export Management Mexico Customs Fees
Market Intelligence
Mexico Updates Importation Paperwork

Mexico updates requirements for The Value Declaration, importation paperwork to successfully import goods into Mexico. 

Export Management Mexico Import Regulations
Market Intelligence
Hungary Logistics Facilities

Economic recovery in Hungary is expected to add cyclical demand to the second half of 2021 in eCommerce, driving demand for logistics facilities. 

Intelligent Transportation Systems Hungary
Market Intelligence
India Roads and Highways

India’s 2021-2022 budget allocated billions for infrastructure and billions to state & autonomous bodies for capital expenditures. 

Design and Construction India Exports
Market Intelligence
UK Defense Market – Automating Military Logistics

The UK Ministry of Defense (MOD) is seeking innovations for military logistics capability across the Maritime, Land and Air domains.   

Defense Equipment Europe
Market Intelligence
United Kingdom VAT Policy Changes

The British Government introduced a new model for the Value-Added Tax (VAT) treatment of goods arriving into Great Britain. 

Business and Professional Services Europe eCommerce
Market Intelligence
Peru eCommerce

The market for eCommerce in Peru could reach $14 billion by 2022.

Distribution and Logistics Peru
Market Intelligence
Egypt Port Infrastructure

U.S. logistics management companies may look into providing management services to Egypt’s ports.

Maritime Transportation Egypt