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Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Transport Sector

The country’s 10-year transport sector plan creates massive trade and investment opportunities for U.S. companies seeking to do business in Ethiopia.

Distribution and Logistics Ethiopia
Market Intelligence
Kenya Cold Chain Solutions

Kenya’s growing, largely agricultural based economy is creating a demand for new cold chain solutions.  

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Kenya
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Agricultural Equipment

U.S. companies that can supply equipment and technology for food processing plants have great opportunity in the Ethiopian market.

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Ethiopia
Market Intelligence
Greece Railway System

A $4.5 billion upgrade is underway for the Greek railway network.

Rail Transportation Greece Railway Transport
Market Intelligence
Kazakhstan Air Cargo Opportunities

Kazakhstan is looking for partnership with U.S. logistics companies to develop air cargo in the country’s two biggest airports.

Distribution and Logistics Kazakhstan
Market Intelligence
AFCFTA - Concrete Opportunities for U.S. Companies

Explore the emerging commercial opportunities created by Africa’s regional integration.  

Distribution and Logistics Africa Trade Policy and Agreements
Market Intelligence
Ghana Shipping and Logistics

Ghana’s digital readiness is helping it become an attractive hub for the commercial logistics sector for the African continent. 

Express Delivery Services Ghana
Market Intelligence
Korea Cross Border E-commerce Market

The cross border e-commerce market in Korea has increased from $2billion in 2017 to $4.5 billion in 2022, resulting in a 23 % of average annual growth rate.

Consumer Goods South Korea Transport and Logistics
Market Intelligence
Nigeria's Cold Chain Industry

The Nigerian cold chain industry abounds with trade and investment opportunities for U.S. companies.

Distribution and Logistics Nigeria
Market Intelligence
Ghana Keta Port Project

Ghana plans construction of a third commercial port in anticipation of increased African continental trade. 

Distribution and Logistics Ghana
Market Intelligence
Hungary Cargo Development Trends

Budapest Cargo City hit a record freight transport in 2021, the strongest year yet for the international airport.

Distribution and Logistics Hungary Transport and Logistics
Market Intelligence
Canada Alberta High-Speed Rail

Alberta’s high-speed rail proposal brings opportunities for U.S. companies.

Rail Transportation Canada
Market Intelligence
Uruguay Capurro Fishing Port Concession

This project is for the concession of a fishing port terminal in the Port of Montevideo. 

Food Processing Equipment Uruguay Sea Transport
Market Intelligence
Singapore Mega Port Shipping Hub of ASEAN

Singapore’s Mega Port is positioned as a Global Transshipment Hub among ASEAN countries. 

Maritime Transportation Singapore
Market Intelligence
Mexico New Invoices and Obligations (CARTA PORTE)

The Carte Porte requirement will be applied to all importation and exportation of goods in transit within Mexican territory.

Export Management Mexico Trade Facilitation