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Market Intelligence
Kazakhstan Environmental Technology Waste Management Opportunities

Kazakhstan Solid Waste Opportunities

Municipal Solid Waste Kazakhstan
Market Intelligence
Kazakhstan Finance Digital Currency to be Launched

Kazakhstan Set to Launch Its Digital Currency

Industries Kazakhstan Currencies
Market Intelligence
Central Asia Pivot

Central Asia, foisted into the spotlight by events out of their control, is quickly adapting to a region that is becoming ever more critical to global trade.

Market Intelligence
Kazakhstan Alternative Oil Route

Kazakhstan has, for years, exported more than 79% of its crude oil to global markets via the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC). 

Oil and Gas Kazakhstan
Market Intelligence
Kazakhstan and the EBRD

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development launches a new 5 Year Country Strategy for Kazakhstan. 

Industries Kazakhstan Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
Kazakhstan Air Cargo Opportunities

Kazakhstan is looking for partnership with U.S. logistics companies to develop air cargo in the country’s two biggest airports.

Distribution and Logistics Kazakhstan