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Market Intelligence
Croatia Smart City Opportunities

Smart Cities concept is growing steadily in Croatia, supported by European Union funds.

Information and Communication Technology Croatia
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Croatia Infrastructure Two Highway Projects Worth 860 Million Euros

Croatian Highways is preparing tenders for two capital highway routes in Croatia, an estimated value of 860 million euros. 

Design and Construction Services Croatia
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Croatia and Italy Energy Offshore Wind Farm

Croatia and Italy are considering building an 300MW offshore wind farm in the Northern Adriatic Sea.

Wind Energy Croatia
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Croatia Healthcare Private Sector Opportunities

The private healthcare sector in Croatia is growing steadily, creating opportunities for U.S. companies. 

Healthcare Croatia
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Croatia Information and Communication Technology

Tenders for the $25 million EU-funded 5G rural infrastructure development project in Croatia are expected in 2023.

Telecommunications Equipment Croatia Economic Development and Investment
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Croatia Geothermal Energy

Pre-tender consultations with potential suppliers of geothermal drill rigs are expected. The project, valued at over $30 million, is supported by EU funds.

Energy Croatia Environment and Natural Resources
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Croatia Renewable Energy

Croatia has excellent potential for the development of renewable energy resources.

Grid Transmission Distribution Croatia Renewable Energy Targets
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Croatia Renewable Energy

Energy independence and a transition to renewable energy sources is a priority for the Croatian government.   

Electricity Infrastructure Croatia Environmental Legislation
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Croatia Zagreb Hydrogen Buses

The Croatian capital city Zagreb is modernizing its public transportation with an environmentally friendly fleet. 

Air Pollution Monitoring and Control Croatia Export Potential
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Croatia Water and Wastewater

Croatia, supported by the European Union, will invest $2.6 billion in construction and development of water and wastewater systems. 

Design and Construction Services Croatia Export Potential
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Croatia Smart City Lights

The city of Zagreb approved $170 million valued project for energy efficient reconstruction of public lighting for smart LED technology.  

Design and Construction Croatia Exports