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Market Intelligence
Indonesia Telecommunications

Indonesia to procure SATRIA-2 multifunctional satellite.

Telecommunications Equipment Indonesia
Market Intelligence
Indonesia Domestic Product Spending

As Indonesia looks towards a self-sufficient economy, its government is implementing policies which are creating challenges for importers.

Market Intelligence
Indonesia: Waste-to-Energy Industry Market

As Indonesia looks to reduce its reliance on traditional energy sources, waste-to-energy is increasingly becoming a viable alternative solution.

Renewable Energy Indonesia
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Indonesia Battery Industry Market

Indonesia’s move to renewable energy will require large investments to improve grid sustainability and energy storage solutions.

Renewable Energy Equipment Indonesia
Market Intelligence
Indonesia Bicycle Market

Indonesia’s bicycle market has grown 20% in each of the past three years. 

Bicycles Indonesia
Market Intelligence
Indonesia E-Commerce Sectors

In 2021, the Indonesia e-commerce market became the ninth largest in the world with a value of US$43 billion. 

eCommerce Industry Indonesia Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Indonesia e-Procurement for Medical Devices

Indonesia opens online procurement with sectoral medical devices e-Katalog. 

Medical Devices Indonesia Laws and Regulations
Market Intelligence
Indonesia: Digital Economy Opportunities

Indonesia’s digital roadmap 2021-2024 will accelerate the country’s digital transformation agenda.

Information and Communication Technology Indonesia Digital Economy
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Indonesia Medical Device Subsidiaries

Indonesia Removes 49 percent Foreign Equity Cap on Medical Device Importers.

Medical Devices Indonesia Investment and Service Barriers
Market Intelligence
Indonesia Digital Banking

Indonesia is facing rapid growth in digital banking as new rules from the Financial Services Authority allow for near-full foreign ownership of local tenders.

Banking Indonesia Banks
Market Intelligence
Indonesian Halal Product Assurance Product Scope

The Indonesia’s Ministry of Religion in October 2020 issued via Decree Number 464 a list of 48 types of products that must obtain halal certification.

Indonesia Laws and Regulations
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Indonesian Halal Product Assurance Requirements

Halal certification will become mandatory in a staggered manner starting in 2024 and ending in 2034, depending on the product category.

Indonesia Laws and Regulations
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Indonesia's Beauty and Personal Care Market Growth

The beauty and personal care product market in Indonesia is a large and growing market that U.S. exporters should consider.

Cosmetics and Toiletries Indonesia
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Indonesia Omnibus Bill - Buckle Up!

Indonesian President Joko Widodo signed into law the Omnibus Jobs Creation Bill, fulfilling a controversial commitment from his 2019 campaign.

Indonesia Industrial Development
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Indonesia Medical Procurement System

Indonesia’s national public procurement agency announced its enrollment of medicines and medical devices in its national e-Katalog system. 

Biopharmaceuticals Indonesia Market Access