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Market Intelligence
Indonesia Agricultural Technology

Agricultural practices in Indonesia are undergoing a digital transition, with increased focus on new technologies like e-platforms and drones.

Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Indonesia
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Indonesia Agricultural Fertilizer

In Indonesia, known for vast rice paddies, a shift towards organic sustainable practices is gaining traction due to a shortage of locally produced fertilizer.

Agricultural Biotechnology Indonesia
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Indonesia Clean Energy Battery Storage System

There is growing market potential for Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) solutions for solar and wind energy in Indonesia.

Renewable Energy Equipment Indonesia
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Indonesia Carbon Capture Storage

Indonesia seeks to become a market leader as a Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCS) hub.

Oil and Gas Indonesia Climate
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Indonesia New Capital City Nusantara

U.S. companies can find smart city opportunities in Nusantara.

Information and Communication Technology Indonesia
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Indonesia Artificial Intelligence

The Indonesian AI market is expected to grow in the coming years.

Information and Communication Technology Indonesia
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Indonesia New Tariffs For Imported Goods

Indonesia extends its most-favored-nation (MFN) tariff coverage, with new tariffs imposed on cosmetics, bicycles, wristwatches, and iron/steel imports.

Indonesia Tariff-Rate Quotas
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Indonesia Medical Devices

Indonesia’s in-country post-market testing for medical devices is a new requirement about which U.S. healthcare companies should be aware.

Medical Devices Indonesia
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Indonesia Electric Vehicles

U.S. companies have numerous opportunities as Indonesia’s government supports the growth of the electric vehicles sector.

Electric Vehicles Indonesia
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Indonesia Halal Certification

Indonesia applies halal certification for medicines, biological products, and medical devices, a policy about which U.S. healthcare companies should be aware.

Healthcare Indonesia
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Indonesia Critical Minerals

Indonesia’s critical minerals market offers many opportunities to U.S. companies.

Industrial Materials Indonesia
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Indonesia Space Technology

BRIN is planning to develop and launch a satellite constellation, creating multiple opportunities for U.S. companies in the space sector.

Satellites Indonesia
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Indonesia Education

Education agents in Indonesia offer many opportunities for U.S. universities.

Student Recruitment Agencies Indonesia
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Indonesia Aviation

The Indonesian aviation sector recovered from the pre-pandemic level. The country has reported an increase in aircraft, passengers, and cargo movements.

Aviation Indonesia
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Indonesia Franchising

The demand for foreign franchisors to enter Indonesia is still significant; registration has grown 5% with food & beverage as the leading sector.

Franchising Indonesia