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Market Intelligence
Ireland Energy Challenges

Ireland is expected to procure emergency generation resources in early 2022 to address near-term electric power supply concerns.

Electricity Infrastructure Ireland Climate
Market Intelligence
Ireland SmartSafe Resilient Cities

Ireland is creating accessible, sustainable, and safe cities, presenting opportunities for U.S. digital and security vendors.

Information and Communication Technology Ireland
Market Intelligence
Ireland Cybercrime Activity Growing

U.S. cybersecurity vendors are well placed to capitalize on Ireland’s increased adoption of disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions.  

Cybersecurity Ireland Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Ireland Digital Health

Ireland reshapes its healthcare system with digital solutions.  

Health Information Technology Europe Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Ireland Offshore Wind Plans

Ireland is fast-tracking the development of its offshore wind sector. 

Renewable Energy Ireland
Market Intelligence
Ireland Artificial Intelligence

Ireland is emerging as a leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) through academic and industry R&D in Ireland and the United States.

Information and Communication Technology Ireland Trade Development