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Market Intelligence
Algeria Healthcare New Medical Device Regulation

Medical device registration is temporarily eased, creates a short window of opportunity for U.S. brands already sold in Algeria to increase their market share.

Medical Devices Algeria
Market Intelligence
Algeria Automotive New Vehicle Import Regulations Partially Eased

Algeria re-opens the door for new, Complete Built Unit vehicle imports.

Automotive Algeria
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Algeria Trans Saharan Gas Pipeline

Trans-Saharan Gas Pipeline Project to Connect European Union to African Energy Producers

Oil and Gas Nigeria
Market Intelligence
Algerian Used Equipment Regulation

New regulations clarify conditions for exports of used and second-hand equipment to Algeria.

Algeria Customs and Boarder Measures
Market Intelligence
Algerian Investment Law

New investment law in Algeria presents considerations for exporters to the region.

Industries Algeria
Market Intelligence
Algeria Defense Market

Direct Commercial Sales opportunities exist for U.S. companies in Algerian military electronics, ground vehicles, medical supplies, drones, and avionics. 

Defense Equipment Algeria
Market Intelligence
Algeria's new regulation on Import of Finished Goods

A new regulation on imported finished goods by the Algerian government impacts the Algerian trading system.

Agribusiness Algeria Commercial Law
Market Intelligence
Algeria Heightened Sensitivity about Non-Competitive Contracts

Non-competitive procurements in Algeria’s public sector are possible only in limited circumstances.

Algeria Laws and Regulations
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Algeria's energy transition plan

Algeria’s plan to transition away from hydrocarbons to renewable energy will improve energy efficiency in transportation, housing, and industry. 

Renewable Energy Algeria
Market Intelligence
Algeria Pharmaceutical Industry

Positive regulatory changes in Algeria’s pharmaceutical industry support American companies interested in the country’s pharmaceutical sector. 

Healthcare Algeria Commercial Law
Market Intelligence
Algeria Hydrocarbon Laws

Algeria’s new hydrocarbon law may alter Algeria’s foreign investment environment in the oil and gas sector for international oil companies. 

Oil and Gas North Africa Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
Algeria's New Payment Transfer Regulations

Algeria’s 2021 Finance Law introduced new, unprecedented payment transfer delays for finished products destined for import into Algeria.

Algeria Laws and Regulations
Market Intelligence
Algeria’s El Hamdania Port

The Port of El Hamdania, in Cherchell, Algeria will be the country’s largest and first deep-water port and the second deep-water port in Africa. 

Ports Infrastructure and Services Algeria Sea Transport