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Market Intelligence
AfCFTA Investment Landscape

The AfCFTA Investment Protocol provides a coordinated landscape for investments in Africa.

Energy Africa Investment and Service Barriers
Market Intelligence
Ghana Energy Efficiency

Ghana implements World Bank-funded smart meter project to improve revenue collection in the energy sector. 

Electricity Infrastructure Africa Environment and Natural Resources
Market Intelligence
Ghana Procurement

Ghana’s System of Public Procurement and Tender Management

Business and Professional Services Africa Trade Practices
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Energy Sector Opportunities

U.S. energy companies, with a reputation for innovative technologies and quality products and services, are well-positioned to compete in the Ethiopian market.

Electricity Infrastructure Ethiopia
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Opens 32 Sectors to Foreign participation.

U.S. companies should consider newly created opportunities in Ethiopia’s growing market for professional services, consumer goods, retail, and agribusiness.

Wholesale Trade Ethiopia Export Regulations
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Energy Intensive Tech opportunities

U.S. technology companies should consider Ethiopia’s low-cost energy for data-intensive technologies like bitcoin mining, data mining, and data centers.  

Energy Ethiopia Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia to Open Real Estate Sector to Foreign Investors

Ethiopia’s opening real estate sector creates groundbreaking opportunities for U.S. firms interested in the country’s large and fast-growing domestic market.

Design and Construction Ethiopia Infrastructure Development
Market Intelligence
Ethiopia Automotive EV Market

With Ethiopia’s recent commitment to 100% electric vehicles, U.S. EV companies should strongly consider this unique first-mover business opportunity.  

Industrial Vehicles Ethiopia Infrastructure Development
Market Intelligence
Romania Information Technology tender launched for Governmental Cloud

Romania plans to develop a $80 million Government Cloud to modernize its governance using advanced IT and cybersecurity. . 

Information and Communication Technology Romania Trade Development
Market Intelligence
African Continental Free Trade Area Investment Protocol

AfCFTA Parties Approve Investment Protocol

Food and Beverage North Africa African Continental Free Trade Area
Market Intelligence
Fiji Water and Wastewater Sector

U.S. companies offering engineering, consulting or technology solutions may consider partnering with Fiji engineering firms on Water and Wastewater projects.

Water and Wastewater Fiji Trade Opportunities
Market Intelligence
Ghana Energy Transition Plan

Ghana launches an ambitious plan to reach net zero emissions. 

Civil Nuclear Power Africa Climate
Market Intelligence
Ghana Energy Voluntary Carbon Markets

Ghana has developed a comprehensive regulatory framework or carbon markets. 

Environmental Technology Africa Environment and Natural Resources
Market Intelligence
Ghana AfCFTA Guided Trade Initiative Update

Landmark initiative to implement the AfCFTA gains steam. 

Agribusiness Africa Foreign Trade Regulations
Market Intelligence
Ghana Scam and Fraud Alert

A guide for companies to avoid fraud and scams allegedly associated with Ghanaian-based entities. 

Safety and Security Africa Risk Management