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Follow our three-phased journey to exporting.


From business planning and negotiating sales contracts, to export financing options and shipping documents, these progressive steps ensure you have the knowledge and skillsets to be a successful exporter. 

Phase One: Prepare

First prepare your business to export and learn about local assistance and available financing.

Growing your sales in international markets requires your company to first determine its commitment, create a business plan, and tap into local exporting assistance and business development loans and guarantees.
Determine Export Readiness
Gauge your businesses’ export capability with checklists.
Create an Export Plan
Strategize your export growth with this practical guidance and template.
Tap into Local Resources and Assistance
Leverage support from local trade experts.
Get Business Development Financing
Get funding to get your export effort started

Phase Two: Begin

Before your first export sale, research markets, learn how to negotiate, prepare your product, and comply with regulations.

Use our market research reports and tools to find promising markets, while honing your skills at negotiating profitable transactions. At this stage, you also need to ensure your product can meet foreign product standards and complies with U.S. regulations.
Select Possible Target Markets
Research markets using specific country and industry guides and trade data tools.
Negotiate Sales Contracts
Learn how to write sales contracts.
Prepare Product to Meet Standards
Comply with foreign product standards and packaging requirements.
Comply with U.S. Regulations
Understand U.S. Government regulations, licenses, and other legal requirements.

Phase Three: Execute

After completing these steps, you are ready for your first export sale and to work with the U.S. Commercial Service.

Success depends on finding a trusted business partner to ensure that you get paid and are avoiding financial risks. Be ready to comply with foreign regulations and settle on shipping terms. You can also benefit from the customized solutions of the U.S. Commercial Service.
Find Buyers and Partners
Choose the best sales channel for your target market.
Ensure You Get Paid and Manage Risk
Learn how to manage payment risk while staying competitive.
Comply with Foreign Import Regulations
Determine the country-specific customs requirements, product standards, and regulations.
Complete Documents and Ship
Consider the documents to complete and your shipping options.

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World Trade Month
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Global Diversity Export Initiative
Participate in events that expand access for underserved communities.
Trade Shows
Access our support to meet foreign buyers and get market insights.
Trade Missions
Get valuable support and connections in foreign markets.

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