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Market Intelligence
Slovakia Defense Public Procurements

Information and procedures on defense tender and contract opportunities. 

Aerospace and Defense Slovakia Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Slovakia Filmed Entertainment & Streaming

The market for film entertainment, television and streaming services in Slovakia offers opportunity for U.S. producers. 

Film Industry Slovakia
Market Intelligence
Slovakia Education 2021

U.S. universities may enter the Slovak education market via a partnership with local schools through student exchange programs or through Fulbright Commission.

Higher Education Slovakia
Market Intelligence
Slovakia Automotive Market 2020

In Slovakia there is excellent potential to penetrate the R&D activities of the large automobile corporations in specific segments.  

Automotive Slovakia
Market Intelligence
Slovakia Renewable Energy

The Slovak market provides good opportunities for U.S. companies to supply equipment and technology for production of electricity and heat.

Renewable Energy Slovakia Export Marketing
Market Intelligence
Slovakia Travel Industry

In 2019, 53,447 Slovaks traveled to the United States, representing a 7.3 percent increase from the previous year and outrunning the number of incoming travelers from Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Travel and Tourism Slovakia