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Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Demand for EdTech

Growing edtech demand from Hong Kong Universities presents opportunities for U.S. edtech suppliers.

Educational Technology Hong Kong Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Taiwan Education EdTech

Taiwan’s Ministry of Education (MOE) announced a $672 million Digital Learning Improvement Project for 2022 to 2025.

Education Taiwan Government Influence Issues
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Qatar – Education Sector Opportunities

Qatar presents opportunities for U.S. educational institutions and companies in e-learning, executive education, skill development, and workplace training. 

Educational Technology Middle East Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Malaysia Education Partners and Vocational Training

The Malaysian Government seeks education partners to provide technical and vocational training to meet demand for skilled labor. 

Professional Continuing Education Malaysia Partnership
Market Intelligence
Romania digitalization of education

The Romanian government is investing in education technology, opening opportunities for U.S. providers of digital learning tools.

Education Romania
Market Intelligence
Japan Education Technology

Japan sets numerical targets for digital talent development and offers potential opportunities for U.S. digital upskilling solution providers.

Education Japan Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Guatemala Student Recruitment Strategies

Guatemalan students are attracted to U.S. higher education institutions. 

Higher Education Guatemala
Market Intelligence
Panama Education and Digital Transformation

Panama is aiming to make a difference in public education through new public policies for a digital transformation.

Education Panama
Market Intelligence
The Philippine Higher Education Market

The Philippines transition to a K-12 model opened the door for U.S. educational institutions to market degree programs to students across the Philippines. 

Higher Education Philippines Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Education Technology

Hong Kong government Covid-19 policies continues to drive significant demand for U.S. education technology (edtech) services.

Educational Technology China
Market Intelligence
Singapore's Demand for Overseas Education

Singapore students value an overseas education from prestigious universities.

Education Singapore
Market Intelligence
The Philippines' Education Market

The Philippines’ transition to a K-12 model opened the door for U.S. educational institutions to market degree programs to students across the Philippines.

Continuing Education Economic Development
Market Intelligence
Costa Rica Education Market

Costa Rica’s 400,000 students, rising middle class and shared economics and culture presents an opportunity for U.S. schools to attract Costa Rican students.  

Higher Education Western Hemisphere
Market Intelligence
Tanzania Education Overview

Tanzania education sector presents opportunities for U.S. investors.

Distance Learning Tanzania Technology Transfer
Market Intelligence
Burma (Myanmar) Education

Burma’s outbound student rate is increasing steadily, and education service providers eager to collaborate with US colleges and universities.

Education Asia Pacific