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Market Intelligence
Vietnam Education Institutions Joint Degrees

Vietnam is an attractive market for joint degree programs.

Market Intelligence
India Electric Vehicle Industry Workforce

India’s EV industry offers opportunities for U.S institutions in upskilling the workforce.

Electric Vehicles South Asia Export Promotion
Market Intelligence
Philippine Education Market

The Philippine education sector provides opportunities for U.S. higher education institutions to promote programs and partnerships.

Higher Education Philippines
Market Intelligence
India Education Institutions

India’s draft regulations for foreign higher education institutions (FHEIs) interested in establishing campuses in India.

Graduate Schools South Asia Export Marketing
Market Intelligence
Poland Education country plans to buy over 360,000 laptops for school children

Poland’s Ministry of Digitization announced the largest public tender for laptops for school children.

Distance Learning Poland Government Influence Issues
Market Intelligence
Ghana Digital Services Taxes

Ghana revises its Value Added Tax (VAT) and other charges on non-resident digital services to remove minimum thresholds and increase VAT rate.

eCommerce Industry Sub-Saharan Africa Import Regulations
Market Intelligence
Chile Education Recruitment Opportunities

Chile relaunches government sponsored overseas scholarship program “Becas Chile”.

Education Chile
Market Intelligence
Qatar Printing and Publishing

Qatar presents opportunities for U.S. publishing companies to expand their business in this energy-rich nation.

Book Publishing Qatar Trade Development
Market Intelligence
Ghana Students in United States

Number of Ghanaians studying in the United States grows by 16% in the 2021-2022 school year. 

Higher Education Ghana
Market Intelligence
Angola’s Ministry of Education (MED)

Angola’s Ministry of Education (MED) is commissioned to implement programs to rapidly respond to pre-school, primary and secondary priority education needs.

Education Angola
Market Intelligence
Vietnam Education Sector

The education technology (EdTech) market in Vietnam has great potential and is accelerating in recent years.

Educational Technology Vietnam
Market Intelligence
Angola Ministry of Education (MED)

Presidential Decree No. 222/20 of 28 August 2020 confers new organic statute to strengthen Angola’s Education Sector.


Education Angola
Market Intelligence
Mozambique Local Content Program Training Opportunities

Mozambique’s Local Content Group (LCG) seeks to promote Human Skills Development to Strengthen Local Small and Medium Enterprises and Develop Financing Lines.

Education Mozambique
Market Intelligence
Hong Kong Demand for EdTech

Growing edtech demand from Hong Kong Universities presents opportunities for U.S. edtech suppliers.

Educational Technology Hong Kong Export Potential
Market Intelligence
Taiwan Education EdTech

Taiwan’s Ministry of Education (MOE) announced a $672 million Digital Learning Improvement Project for 2022 to 2025.

Education Taiwan Government Influence Issues