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Market Intelligence
Taiwan’s Bilingual 2030 Plan

Taiwan adopted a policy to become a bilingual English-Mandarin Chinese nation by 2030, offering opportunities for U.S. EdTech companies. 

Education Taiwan Government Influence Issues
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Vietnam Tips for Recruiting Vietnamese Students

Education and training are top priorities for the Vietnamese government. Face these challenges to attract capable Vietnamese students to U.S. programs.

Education Vietnam
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United Kingdom Wales New International Learning Exchange Program

The devolved Welsh Government in the United Kingdom has announced the launch of the International Learning Exchange Programme (ILEP).

Undergraduate Study United Kingdom
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Japan Update on English Language Education

English language education remains a large market, although proficiency testing for Japan’s standardized entrance exams will not change as had been planned.

Education Japan Trade Development
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JAPAN: GIGA Update (EdTech)

The Japanese government’s GIGA project to provide Japanese students with personal computers is part of Guidelines for IT Security Policy in Education.

Education Japan Trade Promotion
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Japan Educational Technology Opportunities

Japan welcomes the partnership of U.S. companies with solutions to help Japan put the latest mobile devices in the hands of every Japanese student. 

Educational Technology Japan Trade Development
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Honduras Student Recruitment Strategies

Try these strategies to attract Honduran students to U.S. higher educational institutions. 

Higher Education Honduras
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Panama Student Recruitment Strategies

U.S. higher education institutions are encouraged to use a mix of digital marketing and traditional outreach for recruiting Panamanian students.

Educational Technology Central America
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Guatemala Scholarship Program for Graduate Students

A Guatemalan non-profit foundation supports graduate education in U.S. higher education institutions for students with academic excellence.

Higher Education Guatemala
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Slovakia Education 2021

U.S. universities may enter the Slovak education market via a partnership with local schools through student exchange programs or through Fulbright Commission.

Higher Education Slovakia
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Colombia Education Market Outlook

Colombia is ranked second among South American countries and 23rd in the world in sending students to the United States.

Education Colombia
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Canada Opportunities for the U.S. Education Industry

U.S.- Canada bilateral education relationship offer opportunities for U.S. institutions.

Education Canada
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Honduras Scholarship Program

The Honduras 20/20 Program supports graduate education in U.S. educational institutions for students with academic excellence.  

Higher Education Honduras
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United Kingdom Turing Scheme Replaces Erasmus

The UK Government announced a new outward mobility program for British students to study overseas, including U.S. institutions. 

K-12 Education Europe
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Ukraine International Student Education

Canada is the U.S.’ primary competitor in recruiting Ukrainians to study in primary and higher education programs.

Education Ukraine