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Market Intelligence
Saudi Arabia Education Transformation: Progress, Challenges and Opportunities

Saudi Arabia’s education system has seen marked progress, with 100% enrollment at intermediate and secondary levels. 

Education Saudi Arabia
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South Korea Education Technology

The Korean government is enacting new standards and acts to boost the public and private Education Technology (EdTech) industry in Korea.

Education South Korea Economic Development
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South Africa Education Future Trends

Higher Education (HE) in South Africa (SA).

Education South Africa
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Indonesia Education

Education agents in Indonesia offer many opportunities for U.S. universities.

Student Recruitment Agencies Indonesia
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Japan Education

Japan launches new initiatives to accelerate the globalization of higher education, increasing opportunities for American universities.

Education Japan Trade Development
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Burma Study Abroad

Burma’s outbound mobility rate for students is increasing steadily. 

Education Burma
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Burma Private Education Law

The Ministry of Education for Burma (Myanmar) replaced the Private School Registration Law 2011 with the Private Education Law 2023

Education Burma
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India Education Budget 2023

The 2023 Indian Education Budget opens up doors for U.S. higher education institutions to explore Indian market for skills development.

Continuing Education South Asia Export Promotion
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Vietnam Education Agents

One of the most effective ways to promote U.S. schools and increase student recruitment in the Vietnam market is to work with local education agents.

Student Recruitment Agencies Vietnam
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Canada Opportunities for the U.S. Education Industry

U.S.- Canada bilateral education relationship offer opportunities for U.S. institutions.

Education Canada
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China Education Joint Degree Programs

A successful model of joint degree programs with Chinese universities creates opportunities for U.S. institutions.

Education China
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Greece Education and Expanded Cooperation with U.S. academia

Greece’s Education System, U.S.- Greece Educational Partnerships
& Opportunities for U.S. Institutions 

Higher Education Greece
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China Education

The number of Chinese students registered for the national college entrance examination in 2023 reached a record high, with strong demand for U.S. education.

Higher Education
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Kuwait Education Registration Process for US Academic Institutions

Understanding the scholarships and education systems are very important for U.S Universities.

Undergraduate Study Kuwait
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Ethiopia Education Sector Offers Opportunities

U.S. universities and high schools have found success in recruiting Ethiopian students.

Education Ethiopia