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Market Intelligence
Ghana Medical Devices

Medical devices market in Ghana is projected to reach $138 million.

Medical Devices Africa Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
Ghana Industrial Zones

Dawa Industrial Zone gains anchor tenants and customers for equipment as well as energy and services solutions.    

Equipment and Machinery Africa Economic Development and Investment
Market Intelligence
Ghana Renewable Energy

Ghana Lifts Moratorium on Licenses for Renewable Energy Generation Projects. 

Renewable Energy Africa Technical Regulations
Market Intelligence
Ghana African Continental Free Trade Area Data Portal

The African Trade Observatory portal provides real-time information on international trade and market regulations across Africa.

Wholesale Trade Africa Tariffs
Market Intelligence
Ghana Downstream Oil and Gas

Service and filling stations form a customer base for range of U.S. goods and services.    

Equipment and Machinery Africa
Market Intelligence
Ghana Trade Finance

In constrained lending environment, Afreximbank can offer international companies creative trade financing and insurance options.

Financial Services Africa Trade Financing
Market Intelligence
Ghana Information Technology 5G Deployment

Ghana announces plans for a shared 4G and 5G network. 

Telecommunications Equipment Sub-Saharan Africa Services Barriers
Market Intelligence
Ghana Cybersecurity Services Licensing

Ghana Implements Cybersecurity Services Licensing Regulations 

Cybersecurity Sub-Saharan Africa Accreditation
Market Intelligence
Ghana Regulatory Reform Portal

U.S. Companies can provide feedback on emerging measures in Ghanaian Regulatory Reforms Portal. 

Industries Sub-Saharan Africa Import Regulations
Market Intelligence
Ghana Information Technology Cybersecurity Services Market

Increased Government enforcement measures drive expected growth in Ghana’s cybersecurity services market. 

Cybersecurity Sub-Saharan Africa Information Technology
Market Intelligence
Ghana African Continental Free Trade Area Investment Protocol

AfCFTA Parties Approve Investment Protocol

Food and Beverage North Africa African Continental Free Trade Area
Market Intelligence
Ghana Tax Enforcement

Ghana’s tax authorities intensify tax enforcement efforts with multinational and other companies. 

Agribusiness Sub-Saharan Africa Taxes
Market Intelligence
Ghana Environmental Technology Climate Change Commitments

Ghana announces commitments and initiatives on Climate Change at COP27.

Environmental Technology Sub-Saharan Africa Climate
Market Intelligence
Ghana Design and Construction Housing Solutions Needed

Creative financing and construction solutions needed for Ghana’s affordable housing surge. 

Building Products Africa Economic Development
Market Intelligence
Ghana Mining Sector

Ghana Expands Localization List for Goods and Services Supplied to Mining Sector

Metals Sub-Saharan Africa Local Content Requirements