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Market Intelligence
Ghana Customs Valuation for Used Vehicles

Ghana retains its complex customs valuation scheme and removes discount rates for imported used vehicles.   

Used Vehicles Ghana Customs Valuation
Market Intelligence
Ghana Electrical Vehicle Prospects

The market for exports of specific goods and services into Ghana’s emerging EV sector starts to take shape.  

Road Vehicles Ghana Climate
Market Intelligence
Ghana Electrical Vehicle Sector

A nascent electrical vehicle (EV) sector is taking shape in Ghana.  

Electric Vehicles Ghana Finance
Market Intelligence
Ghana eCommerce and Delivery Services

Ghana issues new registration requirements for eCommerce, logistics, and other digital business entities. 

Express Delivery Services Ghana Laws and Regulations
Market Intelligence
Ghana Automotive New Safety and Conformity Requirements for Used Vehicles

Ghana delays implementation of new safety requirements and mandatory certification for all imports of all used vehicles.  

Passenger Cars and Light Trucks Ghana Testing
Market Intelligence
Ghana Poultry Industry Inputs

Ghana announces tender for $29 million AfDB-funded grant for inputs to agriculture sector for value chain development. 

Agricultural Chemicals Ghana Finance
Market Intelligence
Ghana 2023 Government Budget

Finance Ministry announces a series of measures, some affecting trade, to try to stem Ghana’s financial crisis. 

Automotive Ghana Foreign Exchange
Market Intelligence
Ghana Safety and Security Market

New dimensions emerge for Ghana’s market for safety and security goods and services. 

Public Safety Ghana Foreign Trade Regulations
Market Intelligence
Ghana Students in United States

Number of Ghanaians studying in the United States grows by 16% in the 2021-2022 school year. 

Higher Education Ghana
Market Intelligence
Ghana Currency Depreciation

The depreciation of the Ghanaian Cedi negatively affects imports and intensifies local inflation. 

Consumer Goods Ghana Import Regulations
Market Intelligence
Ghana Economic Measures Announced October 2022

Government of Ghana announces 13 measures to address economic crisis.

Agribusiness Ghana Finance
Market Intelligence
Ghana Space Science and Technology

Ghana Space Agency to begin full operations in 2023

Satellites Ghana Metrology
Market Intelligence
Ghana Automotive Tariffs

Ghana announces tariff increases on vehicle imports by end of 2022.

Automotive Ghana Import Duties
Market Intelligence
Ghana Cybersecurity

Ghana announces regulation of cybersecurity service providers and mandatory audits for critical information infrastructure owners. 

Cybersecurity Ghana Services Barriers
Market Intelligence
Ghana Port Infrastructure

Request for Expressions of Interest Published for Keta Port Project 

Maritime Transportation Ghana Transport and Logistics