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Market Intelligence
Pan-African Payment and Settlement System

Africa launches a new system to allow companies in Africa to pay for trade transactions in local currencies.  

Financial Services Africa Finance
Market Intelligence
New Market Openings for Intra-African Trade

African countries work to open five key services sectors to one another in the AfCFTA. 

Financial Services Africa Trade Policy and Agreements
Market Intelligence
Ghana Digital Economy

The Ghanaian Government outlines its priorities in the digital/ICT sector for 2022-2023. 

eCommerce Industry Ghana
Market Intelligence
Ghana Digital Payment

Digital payment channels, led by Mobile Money, transform personal finance in Ghana.

Financial Services Ghana
Market Intelligence
Ghana CARES Program

The Ghanaian Government’s industrial development priorities for 2022 and 2023 are outlined in its CARES Progam. 

Agribusiness Ghana Development Plans
Market Intelligence
Ghana Mining Sector

Ghana seeks environmental technologies to manage mine tailings for the development of its nascent critical minerals sector.   

Industrial Waste Water Ghana Dangerous Substances
Market Intelligence
African Continental Free Trade Area

African countries will implement a reporting, monitoring, and elimination mechanism for non-tariff barriers (NTBs).

Africa Trade Barriers
Market Intelligence
Ghana Oil and Gas Sector

Recent surges in international energy prices help spur initiatives to expand Ghana’s oil and gas sector.

Oil and Gas Field Machinery Ghana
Market Intelligence
Ghana Tourism Sector

Niche tourism attractions will drive Ghanaian tourism’s recovery from the Covid pandemic. 

Tourist Attractions Ghana
Market Intelligence
Ghana Avoiding Scams

Conduct due diligence on potential local partners and look for these common red flags before entering an agreement. 

Due Diligence Investigation Services Ghana
Market Intelligence
Ghana One District One Factor (1D1F) Initiative

Ghana’s One District One Factory (1D1F) initiative has spurred 278 manufacturing projects with more in the pipeline. 

Machinery and Tools Ghana Industrial Development
Market Intelligence
Ghana Fertilizer Market

While global and local economic factors are altering the fertilizer market in Ghana, there remains an urgent need for price competitive fertilizer.

Fertilizers Ghana
Market Intelligence
Ghana Business Environment Update

Ghana announces austerity measures to address inflation and budget deficit concerns.

Ghana Economic Conditions
Market Intelligence
AFCFTA - Concrete Opportunities for U.S. Companies

Explore the emerging commercial opportunities created by Africa’s regional integration.  

Distribution and Logistics Africa Trade Policy and Agreements
Market Intelligence
Ghana Cosmetics and Personal Care

Strong retail sales and growing production of cosmetics within Ghana are part of a larger African cosmetics boom.  

Cosmetics and Toiletries Ghana